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'Lou Gentile Hour!
December 23, 2004

Ode to Debunkers, the Insecure

There are those so in the grip of fear and insecurity that they attack the message for no other reason. The message is, in short, unthinkable. In an increasingly shrill and angry manner as the threats to their secure world increase. What does one do when they are being threatened? Attack.
ZetaTalk: The Insecure

Examples on the Lou Gentile show, recently.

GPS on Small Planes Caller vs Facts
Oct 27, 2004 Radio Show
Solar Minimum Caller vs Facts
Nov 24, 2004 Radio Show
Mar's Rover Success Results
Jan 30, 2004 Radio Show
What would occur if a small plane were informed, by GPS, that their location was not amidst hills, but in the open? Beyond confused guidance systems, small planes lack the ability to recover from electromagnetic surges.
ZetaTalk: Small Plane Crashes
Beyond these problems, airplanes use satellites to guide them, magnetic orientation to guide them, and these likewise will either fail on occasion or given invalid readings.
ZetaTalk: 2002 Quickening
And how does the Sun react to this particle storm, when a steady state in and out of the multitude of particles is the norm? Particles flowing into the Sun are blocked, creating an imbalance at her surface along the Ecliptic. Particles flowing out from the Sun are crowded, swirling to the side to relieve the pressure. All this creates ripples on the Sun's surface, out of season per man's computations, during the Solar Minimum.
ZetaTalk: Solar Minimum?
Are the Rovers indeed on Mars, and why has this been allowed when other probes failed? As with the Columbia, the message being given is often more effective when success has already been celebrated.
ZetaTalk: Mars Press
written Jan 30, 2004 Lou Gentile Show
Probes that will simply explore the surface will not be interfered with. In particular, probes that promise to further the Awakening, by exploring past evidence of intelligent life on Mars, will be allowed.
ZetaTalk: Mars Exploration
written June 1997

SWAN Song, in Infrared , Could That be Planet X?

[SWAN images] can be processed in order to reveal bright points in ultraviolet light by subtracting an average hydrogen glow. When the maps are displayed in ecliptic coordinates any point seen moving on an image sequence is potentially a comet.
Comet Tracker's Maps on SWAN

Just beneath the Ecliptic, on the southern side, stationary for a 3 week period.

Not a sunspot as the Sun rotations completely during a 4 week period.

Whether one takes the stationary orb to be visible in this view because of its own emissions or reflected sunlight, it is clear that something is there, not moving as the comet does, not moving as solar flares do. Why would they stop offering the view, if there was not something to hide?

And SWAN suddenly not updating anymore! SWAN uses Ultraviolet, in the non-visible red spectrum as is Infrared. Infrared was the means for locating Planet X in 1983. It showed up on infrared images of the sky in early 2002 moving in accordance with the Zeta coordinates. And here again, in the images taken by SWAN, once again we saw Planet X just below the Ecliptic, just to the side of the Sun. Thus, SWAN must make its Swan Song!

ISS Evacuation, Food Shortage?

Certain death on the International Space Station lies ahead for any who would remain there during the coming weeks. This is the analysis, based on the current path of Planet X and its entourage of debris. If fireballs have been screaming through the atmosphere and thudding to Earth during the past year, the ISS is scarcely immune.
ZetaTalk: ISS Evacuation

The ISS normally has a 45 day food reserve, yet suddenly discovered it will run out by early January unless the food pod can dock on Christmas Day. Was this a miscalculation, or is this an excuse? Possibility of an ISS evacuation announced Dec 10. On Dec 12, news that NASA's Sean O'Keefe was resigning, the stress of the Planet X cover-up on his face. Many satellites going down recently, Tristar 7, GOES 3, GeoSat 1.

And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. These are the Signs that great destruction is coming. The world shall rock to and fro.
Hopi Prophecy: Bear Clan

Polar Wobble, N. Pole in a Figure 8

The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard.
Isaiah 24:20

Wind from the south, not in accordance with the prevailing westerlies, is increasingly being recorded. Sudden windstorms from the South have been recorded this past month: Europe, California, Japan, Nevada, France, Colorado. Weather maps show the Figure 8 formed by the N Pole during the polar wobble pushs the globe under warm air for Europe and the Americas but under cold air for Asia, the Weather Wobble described by the Zetas. A pattern emerging recently is over compensation in the lurch. And the polar wobble is apparent in photos from Japan and spaceweather.

A lingering Element of Doubt allows the populace to take the steps those in the Council of Worlds hopes will happen - spiritual decisions, closure on goodbys, plans laid among those determined to survive. Do you think the Council cannot control particle flows, the magnetism that is causing the Earth wobble, or cannot bend light to its liking? Think again!
ZetaTalk: Apparent Precision

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