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Lou Gentile Hour!
July 23, 2004

Time Line Clues, pointing to November

With 60% supplanted by Jul 15 in Southfield, based on the same rate, this would be supplanting to 70% by Aug 28, 80% by Oct 10, to 90% by Nov 23. ...

Per the time line in Pegsdon, all three planets go horizontal before Planet X goes side-by-side. For Mercury to do this, it must be transiting in front of the Sun at the Dec 25 position where Earth is stalled. Mercury Was seen to transit in front of the Sun on May 7, 2003 and by increments of 87 days, the orbit period of Mercury, it would be between the Earth and Sun on about Nov 8. ...

The Milk Hill diagram shows a pattern (counting from the right) of 4, 5, 5, 5, then 5 in a cycle where all are crowded to arrive at the Ecliptic point where the impact is magnified horizonatally. Major sweeps doubles to every 3.2 weeks as the Earth is not chasing in front of the sweeping arms. Windmill Hill was laid down on July 17, in a sweep cycle that began on July 15. Counting forward by 3.2 week increments, we arrive at Nov 12.

This supplanting of influence [Southfield] has increased from approximately 50% to 60%, for the observant, a timeline to be watched. ... For the astute [Pegsdon], there are three magnetic planets in the inner solar system now, Mercury, Earth, and Planet X. Pegsdon shows three horizontal end-to-end alignments. ... For those wondering what a reverberation [Windmill Hill] is, for those watching the sweeps, and the patterns they present, this again is a clue to the timeline.
ZetaTalk: Time Line Clues

Prophecy, they all say the same thing

The Sun rising in the West is often mentioned in prophecy. Note the steps predicted by the Zetas, below, and speculation on where this might put the Earth, as an explanation!

The rising of the sun from the west one of the things which must happen ... Between the decline of the sun (at noon) and the time of the afternoon prayer, the sun will remain still.
Kitab al Irshad, The Twelfth Imam
When the 15th of Ramadhan matches a Friday, a year that will be the start of the end, to be two hundred and four. This year is 2004 and the 15th of Ramadhan (Oct 29th) will be a Friday.
15th of Ramadhan
The Hour will not be established ... till the sun rises from the West. ... look at that time for a violent wind, an earthquake, being swallowed up by the earth, pelting rain, and signs following one another like bits of a necklace falling one after the other when its string is cut.
The Hadiths
When we see the sun coming out more and more towards the north, we will know that the times of the end are near and that we march towards a catastrophe.
The Age of Aquarius and Hercolubus by Samael Aun Weor, March 4
At certain periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at other periods it revolves in the reverse direction. There is at that time great destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives.
Politicus, by Plato

Earth Wobble, Documented Evidence, and What's Next?

Message Boards abuzz with many in Europe to Ontario, and Japan, noting the Sun moving North increasingly after the Solstice. Photos from Japan noting this.

The key to the Earth wobble lies in the shape of the Atlantic Rift. Due to the S shape of the rift, leading with its southern edge more toward the East, a northern tilt. As this southern portion of the Atlantic Rift disappears around to the side of the Earth at dusk, this grip is relaxed. As the southern portion of the Atlantic Rift approaches the dark side of the Earth, creating magnetic resonance, the tug to align with Planet X again becomes strong. Approaching from the South, Planet X can directly grip this southern tip of the Atlantic Rift.
ZetaTalk: Earth Wobble

This Twirling Wobble was predicted by the Zetas on May 25, 2004, live on the Lou Gentile show. Zetas say the steps to be expected are increasing tilt and lean, a 270° roll, then a side-by-side lock causing rotation stoppage. Speculation diagrams below (are not NancyTalk or ZetaTalk) on what this might mean!

The sequence is thus that Planet X first creates a tilt, lean, and wobble in the Earth. Then Planet X continues its momentum in a 270° roll to align side-by-side with the Sun, creating gyrations in the Earth during this slow roll until the Earth likewise settles into a side-by-side lock with Planet X and rotation slowing to a stop begins.
ZetaTalk: Juxtapositioned Planets

Multi-Prong Disasters, We're Just Not Prepared

Floods, quakes, earth movement, we think of those as singular events, but they often compound to create the multi-prong'd disaster. We need to think of the full effect, not the singular effect.

Rain breaking dams or causing sudden and immensely forceful floods. Medford, NJ on July 14, 2004

A chain of private lakes in the Medford Lakes NJ area were entirely drained after Monday's series of dam bursts. The water in the lakes drained into the surrounding homes and streets. The storm dumped over 13 inches of rain in a 12-hour period in Burlington County, located in southern New Jersey. It was classified as a 1,000 year storm, the National Weather Service said.

Roads washed away during rain flooding, and lack of clean drinking water. Ontario, Ca. July 15, 2004

Those living downstream who rely on well water should boil their water before consumption. Streets have been washed out and most were impassable ... clean water with raw sewage.

Rain soaked ground combined with quakes causing mudslides, which block roads. New Zealand, July 19, 2004

Parts of New Zealand´s central north island remain under water after once-in-a-century flooding and more than 100 minor earthquakes hit the region ... the swarm of earthquakes was tailing off. ... The rivers are still rising, and all those little earthquakes are causing landslides.

Crevasse opening up during quakes, affecting travel and disrupting gas and power lines. Arizona, July 16, 2004

Quarter-mile-long fissure opens north of Willcox and is up to five feet wide at some points. Authorities do not know how deep the fissure is, it's too deep to see the bottom. Roads in the area have been closed. Willcox is about 80 miles east of Tucson. Officials with various utility companies, including Southwest Gas and Tucson Electric Power, have been called to the site along with officials from the University of Arizona to help determine what caused the fissure and how to deal with it.

Imploding cities causing the unexpected. Zoos on the loose, are you ready for tigers and bears? Baton Rouge, LA July 4, 2004

A giraffe and ostrich at Louisiana Purchase Gardens Zoo apparently tumbled into a 15-foot-deep sinkhole caused by a burst water main and drowned. He believes the 17-foot-tall, 3,000-pound, Rothschild giraffe was getting a drink when the 9-foot-wide sinkhole collapsed under his weight, causing the animal to tumble in head first. The ostrich, one of four female ostriches at the zoo the past four years, likely was standing beside the giraffe ... something was wrong. A 17-foot giraffe doesn't just disappear.

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