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Lou Gentile Hour!
October 27, 2004

Are We Alone? Physical Evidence Abounds

Beams of light in Trinidad and captured on a photo in Canada, and squiggles of light on a police video in Ohio, all seen by many, Mass Sightings. Once again, predicted by the Zetas as far back as 1995 when ZetaTalk began. Zetas RIGHT Again!

We have gone on record, at the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, with the statement that Sightings will be on the increase, including solid photographic evidence. Would photos from the North Olmsted police videos qualify? Man is about to have his world torn apart by the coming pole shift, and the helping hands extended at that time may not in fact be hands. Fear not, you've gotten used to the idea. Remember all those lights in the sky?
ZetaTalk, Lights in the Sky

Younng Chupa bodies found in Maryland and Texas, hitting the news and providing physical evidence that they exist. Starving, Earth not providing all the nutrition they need, the flesh necrotic due to lack of resistance to Earth bacteria, hairless, kangaroo shape with front paw claws, odd blood clotting characteristics as they do not bleed, and fangs with an overbite, all. Not of this Earth. Why are the young, only, found? Their parents were tagged, and were removed by their Handlers, but the young spawned and not tagged escaped the Exodus. Who told you the Chupas would be leaving the Americas? The Zetas, in 2002. Zetas RIGHT Again!

Their handlers have fled, and are no longer attempting to capture the continent of S. America. Leaving anyway, [they] would scarcely scout about to collect all the young their charges might have spawned. Thus they show up, infected and suffering from malnutrition, unidentifiable as a known species on Earth, puzzling those who come upon their remains.
ZetaTalk, Chupacabra Remnants

Second Sun is Back, Planet X Moves Retrograde

On Saturday morning [Oct 16], I looked from my bedroom window to view the sunrise. As the sun rose, I placed my thumb in front of the sun to block its brightness. When I did this, I was surprised to see another large sphere to the left of the sun.

Previously in 2003 the Second Sun was to the right on sunrise, left during sunset, from the northern hemisphere. This is now reversed, indicating retrograde orbit motion in Planet X! The southern hemisphere is, appropriately, the reserve of the northern, at sunrise to the right. No longer sun centered, once again visible.

As Planet X moved from below to above the Sun’s middle, the Ecliptic, it would move. This motion will cause the Earth’s N Pole to point away, the 3 Days of Darkness foretold in the Bible for the northern hemisphere. Planet X is now on the move, preparing for its sideways flip.
ZetaTalk: Dance Begins

Global Quakes continue at the Face and Dark positions, where the Atlantic Rift is either facing Planet X or in opposition. A notable correlation on Oct 20 had all the live seismographs blank worldwide from 00:37 to 15:50, the satellites unable to pick up the data. During the same time period, HAARP magnetometers spiked. There is no other explanation for Face/Dark patterns except the Planet X grab explanation.

3 Days of Darkness, the Biblical End Times

The wild ride detailed by the Zetas to occur before the pole shift includes Planet X moving sideways as it crosses the Ecliptic, to align with the magnetic flow lines above the Ecliptic. As it does so, the Earth leans sideways, to evade the N. Pole blast of Planet X which is coming around from a clockwise direction, and continues by slinging its N. Pole away from the Sun for 3 days of darkness for the northern hemisphere. As this sling away continues, the N. Pole of Earth comes round in a counterclockwise direction, the Sun seeming to rise over the N. Pole for a period of days, the 6 days of sunrise West reported by Plato and predicted by Islam.

Planet X must roll, and does this as a sideways roll, the path of least resistance.
ZetaTalk: 3 Days of Darkness
The Earth will tilt it's N. Pole toward Planet X as it slings into a horizontal alignment, in an end-to-end alignment, the Sun seeming to rise over the N. Pole for a time to astonished Earthlings.
ZetaTalk: Sunrise West

The Bible predicts this.

Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun will be darkened,and the moon shall not give her light.
Matthew 24:29
The third part of the sun was smitten, and the day shone not for a third part of it.
Revelations 8:12-13
I will cause the Sun to go down at noon and I will darken the Earth in the midst of daytime.
Amos 8 : 8-9
And there was a great earthquake, such as not since men were upon the earth. And every island feld away, and the mountains were not found.
Revelations 16:18-20

And fokelore relays this.

Harakhte is the Egyptian name for the western sun. The inscriptions do not leave any room for misunderstanding: 'Harakhte, he riseth in the west.'
Worlds in Collision: East and West
The disturbance in the movement of the sun was followed by a period as long as a day, when the sun did not appear at all. Ovid continues: 'If we are to believe the report, one whole day went without the sun. But the burning world gave light.'
Worlds in Collision: Phaethon

And the sequence of events in Egypt shows an Earth wobble, followed by the red dust, followed by earthquakes, followed by darkness, thense followed by a breakdown in social order.

Plague is throughout the land.
Papyrus: 2:5-6
Forsooth, the land turns round as does a potter’s wheel.
Papyrus: 2:8
The river is blood. Men shrink from tasting .. and thirst after water.
Papyrus: 2:10
Forsooth, the children of princes are dashed against the walls.
Papyrus: 4:3
The land is not light.
Papyrus: 9:11
The storehouse of the king is the common property of everyone.
Papyrus: 10:3-6

Earth Disasters Increasing, and Now, Small Planes

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, derailing trains, record typhoon and hurrican season, sinkholes galore, fireballs and meteors not letting up, collapsing and exploding structures, and to the list we now we add small plane crashes. Note the Zetas predicted this in early 2002. Zetas RIGHT Again!

What would occur if a small plane were informed, by GPS, that their location was not amidst hills, but in the open? Flying blind, the pilot would assume his altitude safe. Beyond confused guidance systems, small planes lack the ability to recover from electromagnetic surges.
ZetaTalk: Small Plane Crashes
Beyond these problems, airplanes use satellites to guide them, magnetic orientation to guide them, and these likewise will either fail on occasion or given invalid readings.
ZetaTalk: 2002 Quickening

Train derailments in the last 2 weeks in the US alone: DC, Phoenix, Montana, Illinois, LA, Atlanta. Many with toxic content. Since Feb 16, 2004 a count of 208 derailments for 'unknown cause' worldwide in the news. Under reporting is apparent.

Record of 6 typhoons in a year was broken this year first by 8, now 10, and another forming in the Pacific. In a preview of the coming pole shift, earthquakes on the heels of these hurricane force winds.

Beyond broken gas lines and water mains from Hawaii to Princeton, we now have skyscrapers imploding. Sinkholes in VA and PA and in FL so numerous the insurers are revolting.

Volcanoes worldwide erupting or oozing: St. Helens, Etna, Volcanoe of Fire, Hawaii, Alaska, Indonesia, New Guinea.

Fireballs continue and meteors thudding to ground in front of witnesses: Berthoud, in CO.

How would you go about hiding the fact that the Earth has been struck by 64 major earthquakes in one week? That so many quakes are being felt everywhere from Russia to Chile should be of major concern to everyone. Yet how many news articles have you read about them? None. There seems to be a concerted effort to deny the reality of these events. Are you aware that there are currently 15 major volcanic eruptions occurring? The scale of activity ranges from an increase in lava flow to outright violent explosions and ejections.
How to Hide 64 Earthquakes

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