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2003 in Review

Did it happen in 2003? Outside of the Second Sun visible worldwide, rising and setting independently from the Sun, there are all the other indication of a magnetic interloper in the solar system. These indications, with Signs of the Times # indicated, since May 15th, are

1. power outages,
2. gas and water line breaks,
3. moaning or trembling earth,
4. collapsing structures,
5. confused seasons and wild weather,
6. erratic tides,
7. moon, earth orbits and odd glow, and
8. cover-up attempts.

Excluded in this list are earthquakes as they are so under-reported as to be denied even when whole counties experience trembling earth and rattling windows, meteors and fire balls and heating up of Yellowstone and other volcanoes, unexplained booms and flashes, melting poles and glaciers, bugout and emergency evacuation plans for East Coast states and London just this summer, and the Red Dust, Compass Confusion, Slowing Rotation documented elsewhere on this site.


Power Outage

#186: Aug 14 massive power outage swept across swaths of the eastern United States and Canada
#227 Aug 28 power outage during the evening rush hour creating havoc for around 1 million commuters
#242 Sep 1 A power outage today blacked out parts of peninsular Malaysia
#243 Sep 2 A power outage left at least 3 million Mexicans in the southern Yucatan peninsular without electricity
#244 Sep 2 Finland, Russia, and overnight power blackout in Sydney´s business district.
#258 Sep 5 Thousands of homes were plunged into darkness after a power cut in north London.
#303 Sep 23 A power outage struck the capital of Denmark and southern Sweden on, leaving 4 million people without electricity.
#310 Sep 28 much of Italy is without power after a blackout swept the country
#333 Oct 6 major power failure blacks out Czech Republic.
#425 Oct 30 An underground explosion in Clearwater knocks out power for blocks.
#437 Nov 3 Edmonton residents, 2,000 homes, plunged into darkness, problem with a buried power cable
#451 Nov 7 most of Chile lost power in a major blackout


Gas, Water Line Break

#122: July 15 a gas explosion occured today at the AirGas company in Sacramento.
#187 Aug 14 explosion rocked the Marathon Oil refinery, Michigan
#285 Sep 13 south London are without water for a third day after a mains pipe burst.
#313 Sep 27 St. Louis gas explosion, high pressure pipeline emptied itself of 3 miles of propane.
#337 Oct 7 gas main near George Washington University Hospital ruptured, flames were shooting several feet into the air.
#355 Oct 12 several water mains in the Linden, NJ area broke late Sunday morning, 11 separate breaks occurred
#364 Oct 16 water main break flooded streets in northern Manhattan, rose halfway up the windshields of parked cars.
#391 Oct 23 a water main break flooding portions of Boston's South End has forced the closure of several roads.
#412 Oct 28 gas line broken in Ft. Worth, fire at Harris Hospital.
#482 Nov 18 a 30 inch water main exploded in Overland Park, Kansas.
#509 Nov 29 Detroil gas line exploded, leveled the building,.
#514 Nov 30 water main break in Chicago, 80 cars submerged past the hoods,.
#521 Dec 1 gasline breaks twice, 12 hours apart, in NW Alberta, fireball 300 ft high.
#567 Dec 25 monstrous China gas field explosions, dead zone around perimeter


Moaning or Trembling Earth

#41: June 17 in Japan now, at 3:50 AM, it is like a moan or a groan, a very low sound.
#104: July 12 in Missouri about 11:30, I noticed the couch was vibrating slightly, the candle flame slightly shaking.
#198: Aug 18 five times now since March I have been aware of a trembling or vibrating sensation in Tennessee
#307 Sep 22 Scottsdale, AZ the earth tremblings were so acute that I got out of bed and packed an emergency kit
#308 Sep 26 for the last 24 hours here in the UK there has been a strange rhythmic tremour.
#353 Oct 12 bumping subterranean sounds heard by many, Seattle drums.
#354 Oct 12 heard the drums in Michigan, just west of Duluth MN too.
#460 Nov 7 windows shake and the ground moved, there was no earthquake activity in the Danville, IN area.
#486 Nov 23 Nevada 4.5 with rumbling and hollow booming heard frequently.


Collapsing Structures

#2: May 28-29 4 dams break in two days in North Carolina
#125: July 19 roof of a row of terraced shops and a restaurant collapsed on a busy London shopping street.
#370 Oct 18 Tube derailed by broken track, second derailment on the London Underground (LU) in a year.
#418 Oct 30 parking garage collapses in Atlantic City
#469 Nov 14 buildings evacuated in Delaware after crack discovered in building
#509 Nov 29 Detroit gas line explosion, totalling restaurant.
#510 Nov 29 fiber optic cable that runs under the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea led to the failure of other Internet
#514 Nov 30 Water main break Lincoln Park, Chicago, submerging cars.
#522 Dec 3 Edmonton, Alberta gas line rupture in two places, main distribution line, flame plume
#531 Dec 8 Toronto theatre collapses, death and injuries.
#570 Dec 23 Bolivia span bridge 350' across, reinformed concrete, collapses.
#571 Dec 29 Norway tunnel break, under Oslo Fjord, solid rock.
#572 Dec 27 Halifax, Canada water main break, throwing rocks, breaking windows, cause unknown.
#578 Dec 29 fire destroys factory in Clevand, Ohio, magnesium fueled, out of control.
#579 Dec 18 Internet Telecom line in South China Sea torn by earthquakes, laid in 1997, new.


Confused Seasons and Weather

#13: May 500+ tornados in May in the USA
#80: July 1 The cherry crop matured about two weeks early here in Northern Utah
#84 July 3 The World Meteorological Organisation signalled last night that the world's weather is going haywire.
#138: July 25 drought a "catastrophe" for Europe's farmers.
#212 Aug 20 10,000 people may have died as a result of the extreme heat in France.
#240 Aug 17 Thick smog and endless rain, Atlantic Canada, farmers faced with rotting crops.
#320 Sep 30 In Lyon, France the fruit trees are blossoming again!
#369 Oct 17 warmest September on record, worldwide.
#427 Nov 2 my apple trees bloomed a few weeks ago. Now they have 14 plus small apples
#471 Nov 15 this week in Ohio close to 70 temperatures again. I passed a house that had fresh orange roses in bloom!
#489 Nov 21 50° temperature swings within a day.
#504 Nov 18 October warmest on record, worldwide.
#524 Dec 3 worldwide freak weather including hail, temperature swings, out of season weather, and out of season hurricanes.
#532 Dec 9 later hurricane season, storms continue to form.
#539 Dec 11 huge ice balls 440 lb fall from sky, formed in atmosphere.


Erratic Tides

#170: August 7 Atlantic's sudden temperature dive a midsummer mystery for scientists
#317 Sep 30 Jacksonville, FL at low tide there is still 2 to 3 ft. of water in the marsh, always has drained.
#499 Nov 25 East Coast high tides have been getting alarmingly high. 20 to 50 foot waves in Hawaii, unheard of before
#545 Dec 14 Louisiana flooding and not draining, flood gates remain closed, rising seas.
#546 Dec 11 Norway storm with high waves forces ferries to close, worst every per old timers.


Moon/Sun Position, Glows

#419 Oct 30 Sun too far south by 10°, multiple reports, careful measures, both hemispheres.
#432 Oct 29 too dark in the northern hemisphere, late sunrise and early sunset, reverse in southern hemisphere.
#463 Nov 4 Sun too far south.
#473 Nov 15 Sun too far south, Moon too far north, and Mars out of orbit.
#500 Nov 25 Odd light to the southeast before sunrise, southwest after sunset.
#507 Nov 29 Earth up in Ecliptic, early sunset northern hemisphere, early sunrise southern hemisphere.
#508 Nov 30 Earth up in Ecliptic, late sunrise East Coast, early sunrise New Zealand.
#515 Dec 1 Moon taking N/S orbit, not E/W, numerous reports.
#517 Dec 2 Sun setting up to 20 too far south, Earth up in its Ecliptic, numerous reports
#526 Dec 9 Moon 35° off orbit, and constantly changing.
#537 Dec 11 Moon too far north, running N/S orbit.
#569 Dec 28 light source at night, to the south, noted in northern hemisphere.
#574 Dec 27 Sun moved 6° further south since Dec 21 Solstice, reverse of what expected.


Coverup Attempts

#70: June 30 NASA to Launch Glowing Night Clouds [Note Red Dust reports started June 11]
#288 Sep 12 Solar flares, scientists have discovered a few each year, come from stars thousands of light years away
#381 Oct 21 announcement from NASA, sun spot has developed the "size of Jupiter".
#491 Nov 23 Britain and Homeland Security go to highest alert levels
#520 Dec 3 solar wind pries open immense cracks in the Earth's magnetic field, the U.S. space agency NASA said.
#544 Dec 15 Navy changing sunset/sunrise times in online database noted, to account for orbit changes and slowing.
#554 Dec 19 new infrared space telescope can see glowing core of comets, which do not glow!
#553 Dec 16 red dust on cars from Texas to Milwaukee, supposedly from New Mexico, but San Francisco has first blood red sunset!
#573 Dec 30 Pentagon continuity of government relocation exercise, first since 911 two year ago.
#580 Dec 29 FBI declares Almanacs a terorist device, printed sunrise/sunset times now apparently a national security issue.