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Lou Gentile Hour!
Mar 5, 2004

Worldwide Photo Correlation

Behind filters, persona clusters, most likely Moon Swirls.

Filtered and unfiltered, the red Dust Cloud can appear. The image from Australia was frequently captured in China too.

Comets Come Early

When discovered, their orbits ascertained and computed, comets C/2001 Q4 and C/2002 T7 were declared to arrive at perihelion in May, 2004, and certainly not visible naked eye prior to that time, if ever! So what is it the common man is seeing, in droves, in the sky just after sunset! It moved, has a tail, and is in their face astonishing them! Comets come early, because the orbit of Earth has backed into them. Comets orbit the Sun in the same counterclockwise motion that the planets assume in their orbits. Thus, the May perihelion dates assumed an Earth running ahead of the comets, the comets needing this time to catch up to the Earth in her orbit. Earth stopped, reversed, and the dates have arrived early!
ZetaTalk: Comets Come Early

Q4 Early, Feb 3, 2004 Comments
T7 Early,
Mar 4, 2004 Comments

Tilting, Leaning, Dropping

What does this do to the view from Earth of the constellations? A tilt will cause them to be presumed to be too far south, if the tilt of the Earth is toward the Sun, or too far north if the tilt is away from the Sun. A tilt will also change the direction of east and west. Were the Earth merely Tilting, computations would be simple, but it is currently also leaning and Dropping below the Ecliptic. All this changes the view of constellations, as N/S and E/W has changed somewhat, and the degree to which the viewer must look over the curvature of the Earth to view the constellations has changed. Where is the Earth, on this date, in relationship to Planet X? Remarkably, and not at all by accident, the ZetaTalk Triangle which we detailed in 1997, and which appeared in dual July 4, 2003 Wisconsin Crop Circles, describes the position these planets are assuming.
ZetaTalk: Tilting, Leaning, and Dropping

Tilting, Jan 1, 2004 Iceland as N Pole, Sun low in Japan

Tilting, Feb 10, 2004 Upper Mongolia cold N Pole spot
Tilting, Feb 19, 2004 LONG day
N America, SHORT day S America
Dropping, Feb 19, 2004