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Lou Gentile Hour!
August 27, 2004

Cold Spot Migration, Evidence of Earth Wobble Increase

First noticed on May 8 as a Hudson Bay cold spot and on July 2 as an Atlantic Ocean cold spot off Nova Scotia, the location of these cold spots demonstrate the Earth wobble, and they are getting more extreme and migrating, as Planet X comes closer and moves to Sun center. The Earth wobble was predicted, live, on this very Lou Gentile show on May 25, 2004.

We mentioned that ricochet effects and twirling are possible. Twirling? What does that mean? Why is the cold spot to the west of Hudson Bay the coldest spot on Earth? That’s not the N Pole. What point is pointing away from the Sun most of the day? Are we going to develop a wobble?
ZetaTalk: a Twirling Wobble

Where the wobble at first only reached to Hudson Bay, the cold spot now reaches down over the continental US, has an echo in lower Siberia, and is migrating West along with Planet X. Thus, Alaska, Japan, Europe report the Sun too far North, US finds it rapidly South.

The key to the Earth wobble lies in the shape of the Atlantic Rift. Due to the S shape of the rift, leading with its southern edge more toward the East. Approaching from the South, Planet X can directly grip this southern tip of the Atlantic Rift.
ZetaTalk: Earth Wobble

Wild Ride Ahead, the Same Message from Many Sources

Ancient depictions of the Second Sun frequently seen this past year and captured in Photos and predicting not only the Earth wobble but also the Contorted Path the dual 270° Roll will take us on.

Babylonian culture that seem to show a similar binary connotation. There is a clear trinity of celestial objects on this stella, towards the top; the Sun, the Moon and a third, radiant planet. Note the presence of the Babylonian deity Marduk further down the stella, a deity closely associated with Nibiru. It is interesting to compare this image with a later alchemical dragon, Azoth, with his two suns and a moon.
Dark Star, Avebury

We are being warned, by the ancients, by crop circles, and by our very own Zetas. Note the familiar 3 major moon swirls above, and how they appear not only in crop circles but photos, regularly. The Zetas have warned that we will have the Earth wobble, the dual 270 roll with Sunrise West, all before rotation slows to a stop and the pole shift is imminent.

The sequence is thus that Planet X first creates a tilt, lean, and wobble in the Earth. Then Planet X continues its momentum in a 270° roll to align side-by-side with the Sun, creating gyrations in the Earth during this slow roll until the Earth likewise settles into a side-by-side lock with Planet X and rotation slowing to a stop begins.
ZetaTalk: Juxtapositioned Planets

Per Amazon book editorial comments 'Paul Solomon was a modern prophet who received readings from an entity he and others came to refer to as the Source. In addition to revealing the profound spiritual meaning and significance of these "last times" in which we live, he presents the greatest perils and potentials of our impending future.'

READING 604, Page 8: ‘The time will produce a magnetic stress on one side, as it were, of the physical globe, the planet, and cause some shifting of polarity in the magnetic fields of the Earth. A number of earthquakes about here and there in the slipping of the crust. You'll find dramatic changes in weather at both ends, all corners of the globe.’
READING 193, Page 10: ‘That shifting of the poles will come abruptly. And this area will be found in those series of changes or some three slippages of the crust of the earth. As there is the passing close of that red planet, so will the crust of the earth be attracted toward it, as it would be approaching; so then that upper pole or the North Pole will point in the direction of its advance. Then as comes close or at its point nearest the earth, ... and in the passing away of its presence from this planet, so then would the poles shift again in a third time toward the opposite direction.’
Paul Solomon: Earth Changes and the New Planet Earth

Hurrican Charlie Lessons, a Pole Shift Preview

CHARLIE became a Cat 4 quickly, and changed course. POLE SHIFT will have notice. When rotation stops, you will know to move to safety. Develop a Plan, research your Location and plan your Route to safety. Don’t Panic or make a big Operation out of your plans.

NURSE: The death toll the officials are putting out is a lie. Casualties are in the thousands. They´ve been filling up huge ice trucks with the dead. ... NEWSMAN: Every time a cameraman gets near the bodies, they are firmly dissuaded from shooting.

CHARLIE had winds and polluted water, but not quakes. POLE SHIFT will have all this and disrupted transportation too. A Trench during the shift out of the wind, Temporary quake-proof shelter until then, and short term Supplies for the week of rotation stoppage and the months after should include ways to clean the water. Don’t Overslock or Hoard.

The Peace River supplies about 6 million gallons of drinking water every day to 4 counties along the Southwest Coast of Florida. Peace River is at this very moment highly contaminated. All the fish are dead, the water coming down-stream is muddy and glows at night when flashlights shine on it.

CHARLIE put a sudden stop to power, water, and communications. POLE SHIFT will make this loss permanent, so rely on self help. Plan to rebuild Shelter, with Hand Tools, and a source of Heat. Don’t rely on government Assistance, as Camps are likely to become slave labor camps.

RESIDENT: Take a bath with gators or reek of sweat and rotting sewage from toilets that won´t flush? Sweltering 90-plus degree heat, no electricity, no running water, no clothes. There´s rotting garbage and armies of mosquitoes.

CHARLIE looters were after riches. POLE SHIFT will make items of value those than help survival, strictly. Garden with Seed supplies, low maintenace Flocks and Herds, and Fishing and Hunting as the area will support. Don’t rely on Money to buy comfort in the future, or gather things that cannot be Bartered in the future.

HERALD: Some anxious residents are arming themselves and patrolling their neighborhoods to protect what little they have left after Hurricane Charley. Men in a Punta Gorda neighborhood sleep with their shotguns. A sign at the entrance to a third neighborhood warns: You loot; we shoot.

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