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The Zetas talk about What are Hybrids and Why Hybrids are being produced from a combination of Zetan and human genetics; how this is not the First Time Homo Sapiens has been genetically engineered; whether Non-Zetan Hybrids are being produced; how the hybrid program is in operation only in the Good Old USA but Special Children are being born worldwide; how there is a Cataclysm Link to the pending Pole Shift; what the Time Frame is; why many abductees report that the Zetas seem to be Stepping Up the Pace; why isolated Hybrid Colonies will develop; and how Intermarriage with humans the hybrids consider their Team Mates will eventually occur. The Zetas talk about how the hybrid program runs in the Family Line and why are there No Elderly in the hybrid program but there are sometimes Prebirth Agreements; how abductees are sometimes given a formal Introduction to their offspring; how they feel about the Pregnancies that they lose or resent their lack of Custody Rights; what the Father Donors experience; why Extended Families are unlikely to occur, and how the Zetas Cherish Children.

The Zetas talk about Engineering Techniques; what fear stands behind recent Cloning Bans; how Genetic Diseases are being corrected but we will not have a Perfect Body; what part Recessive Genes play; how there will be Basic Similarities and Physiology Differences but desirable Human Traits are being continued; how there are indeed Zeta Emotions, but there is an Evolution Impact, and a remarkable Zeta IQ, so the hybrids going to be smarter than their Earthly parents; why the hybrids are not exactly In the Middle; why the goal was not what we would call Beautiful Bodies; and how the 90's Model has arrived in spite of the difficulties the Proto-Hybrids experienced. The Zetas talk about Where They Live and When We Can Meet the hybrids; that Full Blood Zetas will still be around but humans may become an Endangered Species; how there are Hostile Humans resentful over Who's in Charge; that resentful humans spread Disinformation; that the hybrids are not to save a Dying Race although there are Zeta Clones; and that some humans assert False Hybrid claims.

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