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ZetaTalk: Zeta Emotions
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding whether we, the Zetas, are capable of feeling love and joy, or are we cold fish. We are not cold fish. The issue of emotion has been misunderstood. What is meant by emotion? Humans experience a range of emotion, a wide range that they know by name and recognize and a wider range of emotions they have not even catalogued. We will enumerate.

The positive emotions are love, which can include a sense of bonding, or a sense of affectionate possession, or a sense of desire for the loved object. Bonding love expands to comradeship, protection of those dependent and weak, affiliation, loyalty, and pride of association. Affectionate possession, a common form of love among the spiritually immature, is less an empathic concern for the other than a pride of ownership. It can lead to the O.J. Simpson syndrome. Desire for the loved object can involve love of food, as passionate consumption, or love of a sex object, which is also so common as to need no explanation. Loved objects can also be sensuous objects such as leather chairs, fast cars, heady perfumes, or brilliant sunsets. The list is endless.

How do we Zetas compare to humans on these positive emotions? We feel a sense of bonding, without a doubt, and in all its forms. Affectionate possession is also possible, but in the Service-to-Others orientation this does not come to the fore and command the attention it does in more spiritually immature entities. Desire for the loved object is blunted in the Zetas, so that we are aware of our need for food or sex, but this is a very quiet voice. Those who wonder if the Zeta have sex should be aware that where we no longer use our sex organs for reproduction, we still have mild sensations in this regard. Not lacking imagination, the Zetas are looking forward to a return to a full sex life, when incarnate in the hybrids. Affection for food is not the driver and foci that it is for humans, but we Zetas are aware of the weakness that comes from a lack of nourishment. Thus, we feel affection for our renewal baths. In genetically engineering the hybrids, we are not including a compulsion for food stuffs, with consequent obesity.

The negative emotions are primarily control, with a desire to negate or diminish any factor that removes the entity from primary control of the environment. As we have detailed earlier, the human as well as Zeta entity, at birth, is vulnerable, and seeks to be the center of attention. Insecurity drives this. The entity oriented toward Service-to-Self cannot let go of this, and this becomes an all consuming passion. But in the average human, torn between orientations, this drive only comes to the fore on occasion. Loud interruptions of discussions, demands that contenders be removed, threats against those moving into one's territory, and threats toward those formerly under control. All this is all too familiar to humans. The desire for control leads to an emotion of glorying in control, that of wallowing in power. The power mad go to many extremes, from making others go through hoops to torture and daring to do the most atrocious acts.

How do the Zetas compare to humans on these negative emotions? A certain amount of desire for control is normal to an independent entity. Control in this regard means that the entity has physical security, knows that they won't be blown away imminently, and that they will be fed and housed in a temperature controlled and environmentally stable place, and this type of issue. The Service-to-Other Zetas do not feel a strong drive toward being the center of attention, rather focusing this toward satisfaction on being of importance to others, in their needs. We do not go on power trips, nor do we miss this emotional trip, having given this up long ago in our determination to be Service-to-Others.

We, the Zetas, are increasing emotion into our lives in several ways.

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