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ZetaTalk: Custody Rights
Note: written May 15, 1997

To those contemplating the hybrid program while not actually participating in it, the fact that the humans with parental interests are kept virtually apart from their offspring seems cruel. They hear emotional stories of mothers holding babies they instinctively recognize as theirs, where it seems the babes are torn from their mother’s arms to be returned to emotionless alien nurses standing at the side. Those who actually participate in these dramas understand the underlying framework, and where they may be expressing emotion, they do not express rage or even resentment, though perhaps some sadness.

Those who participate in the hybrid program are doing so because they agreed prior to their birth, prior even to their next incarnation being selected, to participate. They understand the situation, that their hybrid children cannot live on the Earth in human society at this time. They understand the rich and loving environment their hybrid children are being raised within. Being solidly in the Service-to-Other orientation, they do not wish to remove their offspring from this environment to be placed in a human setting where they in all likelihood would be maimed and killed and taunted. Custody rights over the hybrid children is not an issue of the true parents, but becomes an issue with those who are inserting themselves into the drama, outsiders as it were. In that they scarcely understand the many factors at play, and most certainly don’t understand the resolve and commitment made by the human participants, they are not even armed with the facts.

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