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ZetaTalk: Prebirth Agreement
Note: written Nov15, 1998

Prebirth agreements are relatively rare as this represents an interference with the normal progression of spiritual development. The priority on Earth is for young souls to have every opportunity for their lessons. Lessons are chosen carefully, and are based on the young souls need. The fact of the Transformation is considered the concern of the adults, outside of the school room at present. Thus prebirth agreements have only been allowed to intrude as we approach the Transformation, within this last century, but as the Transformation progresses they will become increasingly common.

Our hybrid program, for instance, has been granted permission to institute more prebirth agreements than in previous centuries, where it was close to nil, because we need to ensure cooperation with those who hold genetic parentage. Without a prebirth agreement, its a toss of the dice on what might incarnate into a piece of genetic material, the babe, and that babe choosing not to cooperate with our hybrid program. So we have certain key DNA parcels, the babes, incarnated with prebirth agreements without too much hassle. Those who have a prebirth agreement become aware of it at a fairly young age. They sense something different, and become fully aware of it when the time is right. Nonetheless, they cooperate with this prebirth agreement remarkably well.

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