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The Zetas talk about Physical Density; how this is what allows aliens to travel Faster than Light; how they are actually Coexisting with us while using Density Crossover anchors; how they can occupy the Same Space and are living in an Ocean Habitat here on Earth; how it doesn't hurt to Switch Density but there are Dangers in Shifting so Density Merging is done with care; why the Shift Mechanism will not be explained fully to humans; how visitations are sometimes arranged via Transporting; how the strange behavior of plants at Landing Sites is in fact a residual from density switching; how there are Vibration Variables; why things disappear in the Bermuda Triangle; and how this relates to Wormholes.

The Zetas talk about how the Spirit Form does not change or die but is an Eternal Soul; what constitutes the Spirit Substance; how Life Began and if Space Dust Alive; how 3rd Density worlds foster Forming Entities which are often Aborted Entities at first, and causes them to Spark; how Incarnations occur natually but Being Conscious is a necessary ingredient; the age of Old Souls and Why Incarnations are done; what happens When We Die and goes on Between Lives before our Next Incarnation; whether Crowded Incarnations can occur and what determines the Incarnation Focus; and how the Soul Senses and can speak to all densities through the Mind/Spirit Connection or Spirit/Body Connection. The Zetas talk about the Percentages on worlds that can support life; how Other Worlds might not be what we would expect or want to visit; what constitutes a Habitable World; how Intelligent Insects evolve; Who Came First and began the practice of Genetic Engineering; where the Missing Link might be found and whether man was Earth's First intelligent species; how the God Concept develops; and the spiritual lessons Intelligent Carnivors can learn.

The Zetas talk about how there is Spiritual Density as well as physical density; how Many Incarnations it takes to Graduate to 4th Density during the Transformation, the Earth Switch from 3rd to 4th Density; what will be Left Behind during the shift; what the Next Stop is for those not graduating and how the Homesick can return to Earth; why UFOs make Volcano Visits; how higher Density Lessons are before us; how aliens in higher densities can do Levitation at will; how we will eventually spend more time Disincarnate than incarnate; whether the Pleiadeans will guide us through the Photon Belt; why the New-Age term Vibes is descriptive of the era; whether The Findhorn Garden described density switching; and whether our Intuitive Pets are tuned in.

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