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ZetaTalk: Vibes
Note: written Oct 15, 1995

A New-Age term much in use is vibes, short for vibrations. It is said of a situation that the vibes weren't right, or the vibes between people weren't right, or that they weren't on the same wave length. In days past it would have been said that people didn't see eye to eye, referring to the fact that tall people got their way with short people more often, but the times are changing. Vibrations are on everyone's mind and for good reason. With the coming Transformation, there will be a change in vibration frequency, and many who are on the same wave length now will no longer be able to connect physically with their friends. Where all incarnated on Earth will move to 4th Density simultaneously, those who are to continue in 3rd Density will leave the Earth after death of their physical body and be transplanted on another world, into a new physical body type, far, far away. In addition to being at a distance, and being virtually invisible to one another, the content and focus of the daily lives will differ. 3rd Density is occupied with sorting out Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other decisions, the pros and cons, and living with one's decision long enough to know it to be firm. 4th Density provides entities with more IQ and commensurably with more information. It is an information extravaganza. The Universe begins to be explored, and the memory of 3rd Density seems like a life of ignorance and isolation on a desert island in comparison. The vibes are very different, for more than one reason.

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