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ZetaTalk: Density Crossovers
Note: written Aug 15, 1996

We have mentioned that the stuff of souls, the substance spirits are composed of, transcends all density levels as it can interact with what humans call the physical world on all density levels, simultaneously. Most humans are at best newly formed entities incarnated into an intelligent body native to the Earth. Both the entity, or spirit form, and the human body newly emerged into consciousness are aware only of the corporeal world around them. They naturally think this predominant. It is not. Those formed entities who have experienced thousands of incarnations and have begun to interact with entities from other worlds are aware of the spirit world also. But until an entity has arrived at higher density levels and themselves has been at the helm during density shifting, they are only superficially aware of how vast the Universe actually is.

Corporeal existence is but a layer in the total strata, and there are more substances than the stuff of souls that can transcend the corporeal layers. Thus, when we switch ourselves and our ships and our contactees between 3rd and 4th Density, we can remain anchored to the spot where we wish to return. These anchors are so accurate and certain that we can even remove a contactee from their clothing, examine them in the nude, and return them back within their clothing with narry a strap askew or sleeve rumpled. Likewise, our 4th Density underwater residences on Earth and our 4th Density dome homes on the surface of Mars are firmly anchored to their locales on these planets. Density cross-overs are not substances humans are aware of, but coexist everywhere in the Universe along with corporeal substances and the stuff of souls.

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