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ZetaTalk: Transporting
Note: written Sep 15, 1996

Density switching involves more than simply increasing or decreasing the vibrational level of the object to be moved, it can also involve moving from one point in space to another, or one point in time to another. Thus, a contactee can be picked up for a conference, taken to another place for this conference, and returned after the conference to the same place and time as the pickup point. To the contactee, who has not experienced missing time, nothing ostensibly has happened, yet the contactee returns with the conference recorded in his subconscious. Should there have been a medical procedure during the visit, the contactee's body retains the result of that medical procedure upon return. This method of arranging visits is obviously more complicated than simply picking the contactee up from a point in the woods or asking them to walk out of their bedroom into the back yard so that they can experience a bit of missing time. here density switching is not involved, nor manipulation of time or space. Being less complicated, this method is most often used during a visit. However, there are special times when transporting is used.

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