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Issue 305, Sunday August 5, 2012
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Moon Cities and Domes

The Moon has been examined since the days before the man dropped in for a visit. NASA has denied there was evidence that, as one astronaut blurted out, “we’re not the first”. Now that China has been gathering their own images from the Chang'e-2 moon orbiter, the truth is spilling out.

ZetaTalk Comment 2/25/2012: Now comes China, with their own satellites and their own Moon orbiter. Their attitude about alien artifacts will be similar. No cover-up. No admission, but no cover-up.

A delightful hour long video by producer Jose Escamilla explores the evidence while showing entrancing views of the Moon in full color. He relies on film from Bill Bryson, a dedicated amateur astronomer, and images from the Apollo Moon orbiter shots and probes such as Clementine. Proving that man is not alone as an intelligent species are shots of a glass covered dome with vegetation inside (at 41:38), structures such as a building (at 41:09) with a tower insignia “2”, an 8 mile high tower with antennas (49:05), pyramids (44:15), and an excavation on the dark side of the Moon that appears to have progressed recently.


The Zetas were asked about the structures on the Moon at the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995 and described them as housing Service-to-Self enclaves at the current time, and in the past, being home for genetic engineering labs as well as Annunaki communication outposts.  This certainly seems to fit the new image analysis.

ZetaTalk Description 12/15/1995: The Moon, so close to Earth yet clear of the Earth's congested surface and atmosphere, has been used by many alien groups, and for many reasons. Currently it is a home for those in the Service-to-Self, who reside there in 3rd Density. However, their home is not what has humans talking, as they are placed on what is called the dark side of the Moon, never visible from Earth. During the era when the Annunaki were running mining operations on the Earth, primarily for gold, they used the Moon as a communication outpost, as it was free of cloud cover and allowed for a more precise aim through space. Earlier still the Moon was used as an outpost by groups conducting genetic engineering operations on Earth, as many of these groups found the Earth to be a virtual swamp of life - murky, unpredictable, crawling with bugs and germs, and subject to erratic weather extremes.

Dark Knight Possession

The Zetas predicted, after the May 31, 2012 Miami Zombie attack, that possessions would be on the increase during the Transformation.  Possession can be dramatic, as in the movie The Exorcist, or a slow smoldering affair where the possession never unfurls as it is rejected by the incarnating soul, or it can be what the Zetas describe for the Dark Knight, a type of dating relationship that eventually results in a crowded incarnation.  Once again, a possession is in the news, which per the Zetas was the goal of the possessing spirits.

Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: 70 Victims the Largest Mass Shooting
July 20, 2012
Twelve people were killed and 59 were injured in Aurora, Colo., during a sold-out midnight premier of the new Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" when 24-year-old James Holmes unloaded four weapons' full of ammunition into the unsuspecting crowd. The number of casualties makes the incident the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.
Colorado Shooting Suspect Struggled to Find Work
July 20, 2012
James Holmes, 24, who graduated from Westview High School in San Diego in 2006, could not find work after graduating from UC Riverside in 2010 with a bachelor's in neuroscience. Holmes was a quiet person who kept mostly to himself.  Holmes was a very shy, well-mannered young man who was heavily involved in their local church.
Cops Investigating Sex Site Profile
July 20, 2012
Holmes created the profile on July 5 - and included a picture of himself with reddish, orange hair, just as officials in Aurora, CO said he looked when he was apprehended.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/28/2012: Clearly James Holmes had a personality change in the weeks before the massacre. He had died his hair red like the Joker and sought action on an online sex club. 60 days ahead he had loaded up on weapons and ammo. But none of this fit his prior persona which was described as quiet, kind, studious, and accomplished. Like the Miami zombie cannibal, who regularly carried a Bible, Holmes was even described as regularly attending church functions. Possession can be an on and off affair, with the soul and the spirits wishing to begin a possession having a type of dating relationship. In these cases, the soul most often remains, so the possession would more accurately be described as a crowded incarnation – all sharing the body. These types of possessions most often occur where the human has been chosen as a target because of their status and position - being a politician or religious leader or general - so the possession will have maximum impact or achieve a particular result. The human is wooed, over a period of time, and finding those times when possessed full of pleasure and a sense of power, the possessions increase in frequency, intensity, and duration. Such was the case with Holmes, as he was bright enough to engineer a big bang, getting into the news, which was the goal of the Service-to-Self spirits involved.

Did the possession of Holmes bring those in the Service-to-Self their desired result? If getting in the news was the goal, and lacing fear into the populace was the goal, they achieved both. This was countered by the outpouring of love and concern shown the victims, however. Net result? A loss for those in the Service-to-Self. Will the possession of Holmes end now? Holmes certainly looked dazed and confused during in his first court appearance, which ended without incident. His job done, have they left him?

3 Arrested in Separate 'Dark Knight' Incidents
July 24, 2012
A Maine man was arrested when he told authorities that he was on his way to shoot a former employer a day after watching The Dark Knight Rises. In Southern California, a man was arrested after witnesses said he made threats and alluded to the Aurora shooting when the movie didn't start. Moviegoers in Sierra Visa, Ariz., panicked when a man who appeared intoxicated was confronted during a showing of the movie. The Sheriff's office said it caused mass hysteria and about 50 people fled the theater.
Obama Reacts To Aurora, Colorado Shooting
July 20, 2012
As we do when confronted by moments of darkness and challenge, we must now come together as one American family. All of us must have the people of Aurora in our thoughts and prayers as they confront the loss of family, friends, and neighbors.
Colorado Theater Shooting Suspect James Holmes Appears Dazed in Court
July 23, 2012
Holmes, who was transported from a holding cell to the courtroom via an underground tunnel, appeared dazed. His brow furrowed. His head bobbed. His eyes opened and closed often. His hair was dyed a cartoonish orange-red. His hands and feet were shackled. He did not speak.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/28/2012: There are rules on what visiting spirits can do on a 3rd density world such as Earth. They cannot mass land to terrify the populace, or colonize the Earth. The Council of Worlds has also imposed rules on the visitors such that visitations are consultations only. Is it possible for a human body with an unsparked soul to be possessed? This is obviously against the rules or possessions would be rampant, in that there are more such humans at present than those with reincarnating souls. The setting, then, requires a reincarnating soul, allowing Service-to-Self spirits to influence its body to such a degree that they can suggest to the body how it should behave.

The goal of possessions is to turn growing young souls to the Service-to-Self orientation. This can be accomplished most efficiently during the Call by periodic counseling by incarnated Service-to-Self entities from 4th density. Possessions require the full time attendance of Service-to-Self spirits from higher densities, who can operate disincarnate, and these are in short supply. Those in the Service-to-Self are not interested in missions to 3rd density worlds to recruit souls. They are there on orders from an overload who wants recruits. They are, after all, self focused, and would prefer to be home in some activity that would directly enhance their lives in some way. Thus, the necessary ingredients for a full blown possession are in very short supply.

Possessions are chosen very carefully, thus, for maximum impact on ALL of human society. They want to get into the news, be remembered in folklore and history, influence the course of human events, and have the overall effect of creating a sense of hopelessness and fear in mankind. When a possession ends is dependent upon many factors. The possession might not get the attention or change desired, so the spirits move on. The human body might die, as the possessing spirits of course have no concern for the human and push it past exhaustion. The original soul might decide it wants life to go back to the pre-possession state, and withdraw its welcome. Or the possessing spirits might find the outpouring of love and concern by those in attendance disconcerting, distracting the Service-to-Self spirits from their focus, and leave for this reason.

7 of 10 Crunches On

Since we talked about the Himalaya swirl on July 8, 2012 the sinking of the plate holding India has accelerated and is occurring on both coastlines. On the West coast, near Ullal, the sea is eating away the land. This is not sea walls collapsing, nor unusually high tides, just the land dropping and the sea rolling in, a loss of elevation.  Where the plate tucks under the Himalayas near Assam, the flooding and sinking continues. This is blamed on rain though India is having a drought at present! Rain was the chosen excuse to be used for the sinking on the Sunda Plate though why the floods remain and refuse to go away is never explained. If swamp gas and weather balloons were the classic excuse for UFOs, rain is the classic excuse for sinking during the 7 of 10 plate movements.

India: Living in the Fear of Sea Erosion
July 11, 2012
When the tide is at its highest and the winds at their fiercest at night, water surrounds the house and the walls quake with every wave. Even people whose houses are inland complain of inundation during high tides.
Northeast India Floods Kill 121, Displace 6 mn
July 7, 2012
The death toll from heavy monsoon rains which have caused massive flooding in India's northeast has risen to more than 120, with six million forced to flee their homes. While India's northeast has received too much rain, the monsoon has been late arriving in other parts of the country. This year, the monsoon rainfall is running at 31 percent below the normal annual average.

Moving along the plate border through Bangladesh and down into the Naaf River bay, the sinking is even more evident. Bangladesh was certain to be one of the first regions going under as the plate holding India sank, and the pain is evident already. The crushing of the Sunda Plate, being pushed under India nearby, is also evident in Thailand, where the land heaves and sinks.

Bangladesh: Low-Lying Areas under Three- to Five-Foot High Flood Water
July 20, 2012
Low-lying areas of the district remained under three- to five-foot high flood water and some coastal unions of the district have also been inundated by sea water.
1 Killed, 7 Missing as Boats Capsize in Naaf River
July 16, 2012,-7-missing-as-boats-capsize-in-Naaf-river_176_1_10_1_0.html
According to sources, seawater rose about two meters above the normal level in the Teknaf area flooding a vast area of the upazila. At least 400 houses, 15 shrimp farms and 200 acres of crop land and salt beds have gone under 2 to 3 feet tidal water.
Thailand: Villagers Could not Sleep
July 5, 2012
A 100metrelong section of a road along the Chao Phraya River in Tambon Yan Seu, subsided, resulting in a newly constructed flood barrier to collapse. The area had been subsiding since last week and now it was impassable.

If India is steadily sinking, and the Sunda Plate is being crushed under the curve formed by Sumatra and Java, the 7 of 10 plate movements are likewise continuing in the S America roll. This is evident from Mexico, where a huge crack opened up in the Hidalgo State where Mexico is being pulled to the West to Colombia where the Andes are being pushed over the Nazca Plate. Ecuador has numerous land cracks during the mountain building process, despite the relative lack of rain.

Mexico: Landslide in the Huasteca of Hidalgo State, 300 Affected
July 24, 2012
The ground started to open.
Colombia: A Huge Crack Opened in the Hill of Guadeloupe, Santander
July 15, 2012
Authorities estimated the accident as a new geological fault.
Ecuador: Earth Movement is Rampant in Monay
July 24, 2012
Rainfall is sporadic in recent weeks in Cuenca, however, the ground motion is accelerated in the parishes and Paccha Monay. The UGR has a record of 60 districts affected by problems of earth movement and landslides.

If Mexico is being pulled as N American bows, and the Andes are mountain building, the Caribbean Plate is certainly not quiet. The Caribbean Plate includes the coastline of El Salvador, and the country of Panama, both of which are sinking and crumbling steadily, though plate movements are never blamed.

Rising Water Threatens El Salvador Coastline
July 17, 2012
The rising ocean has advanced nearly 1,000 feet since 2005.
Panama Tries To Outdo Costa Rica Sinkhole
July 19, 2012
A sinkhole opened up underneath a garbage truck of the Autoridad de Aseo, and swallowed it up. The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Metro pharmacy, located in the neighborhood of Condado del Rey in Panama City.

Per the Zetas, though the 7 of 10 plate movements have been slowed and made more gentle, during the war on the cover-up, they are still progressing!

ZetaTalk Comment 7/14/2012: The rapidly occurring 7 of 10 pace we predicted in the Fall of 2010 has become what some would consider an agonizingly slow pace, as the plate movements slowly occur in the form of crumbling and mountain building and sinking lands, all without the drama of dramatic earthquakes and mass death. Our prediction, thus, that the 7 of 10 would “shock the world” is missing, and many were hoping for a rude awakening to shake up the stalemate between themselves and others they want to interest in planning for safe survival camps. While the humming black boxes are making the plate movements gentle and gradual, the Council of Worlds is facing off against the cover-up.

Olympics Opening UFO

It had to happen, as during the Awakening, those times when dozens of TV stations and thousands of video cameras are rolling, who can deny the UFO that made an appearance.  The bookmakers had 1000:1 odds, but Britain’s MOD service expected it.

Keep Eye on Skies for Saucers During the Olympics Games, Warns Former MoD UFO Expert
June 7, 2012
One of the UK's top UFO experts has given his views on the likelihood of aliens suddenly appearing in our skies - and how the international community would respond. 

The UFO was captured by amateur cams, but also showed up on professional newscaster shots. The Telegraph video has the UFO up top to the left at the start, but Skynews went into it in depth.

Telegraph VIDEO:
Skynews VIDEO:

Debunking of course followed, with what they hoped the public would swallow. It was the Goodyear blimp! Here are snips from a video of the Goodyear blimp in the UK, and clearly they are different. A HuffingtonPost vote shows the public agrees.

UFO Over Olympics Opening Ceremony
June 29, 2012
Talk about an uninvited guest at the Olympics. Friday night's spectacular pyrotechnics display of the most watched opening ceremony in summer Olympics history attracted more than the eyes of over 40 million people. A clearly seen unidentified flying object was videotaped making its way over London's Olympic stadium

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