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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 28, 2012

Can Zetas tell what happened with border patrol at Arkankergen border post in Kazakhstan? The official version states that Vladislav Chelakh (the only person who survived there) killed other 14 people. And he confessed of killing 14 of his fellow servicemen. But many people don’t believe in that version. So is this bright example of service-to-self person behavior and what was the real cause of his actions? Or he had been forced to write a confession? [and from another] On May 30 a border patrol unit at the Sary Bokter frontier post discovered the burnt down Arkankergen border post with 14 out of its 15 frontier border guards dead. The 15th guard, 19-year-old Vladislav Chelakh, was found alive. Vladislav Chelakh confessed of killing 14 of his fellow servicemen at Arkankergen frontier post on May 30, blaming internal conflicts and mental breakdown for the tragedy. [and from another]
The guard was killed the first. Then, returning to the barracks, Chelakh shot the rest of his colleagues, nine of whom were still asleep. Huntsman Ruslan Kim was killed last at hunting house. All the victims of Chelakh were unarmed at the time of killing. In addition, according to Chelakh, some colleagues who were awake did not take it seriously when he turned the weapon on them. Committing the murder, Chelakh fired the shots from different positions from a machine gun, scattered cartridges all over the barracks, and then, after having poured gasoline, set fire to all the barracks and the economic structure of the post in order to conceal traces of the crime. In a similar manner he set fire on the guard, whose body lay outside the territory of the post. After all this, he took Makarov gun, some food, personal belongings of a number of colleagues (mobile phones, laptop, money) and fled the scene.

Was the massacre of an entire border guard station the work of a single guard, gone insane or enraged so turning on the others? This is the confession, and appears to be the evidence. Fragging of officers during the Viet Nam war was a common means of ridding the unit of a hated officer, and friendly fire a means of settling a conflict or dislike between soldiers, so such violence within military units is not unknown. Here the survivor systematically eliminated all alive at the post, including a hunter who happened to be sleeping there that night. What was the motive?

Extreme paranoia, where the survivor felt under attack by all the others, suspected a conspiracy against him and felt he needed to defend himself and escape into the hills, rather than seek help from his superiors. We have stated that 43% of survivors of the Pole Shift will be suffering insanity in some manner, most from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). A heightened feeling of anxiety and alertness, a sense that danger is eminent, due to the trauma recently experienced, is characteristic. Soldiers returning from war are known to think themselves back in conflict, suddenly, and react accordingly, and the syndrome is certainly known among civilians too.

Is the mysterious hole on the surface of the Mars which fascinated NASA scientists related with past Annunaki mining operations? [and from another] NASA scientists are baffled as to what – or maybe even who? – created this unusual hole on the surface of Mars. The hole was discovered by chance on images of the dusty slopes of the Red Planet’s Pavonis Mons volcano. It appears to be an opening to an underground cavern, partly illuminated to the right of the opening. Analysis of this and follow-up images revealed the opening to be about 35 meters across. [and from another] Through a labyrinth of hallways Nasa a group of scientists in white coats are stirring, mixing, measuring, brushing and, most important, tasting the end result of their cooking. Their mission: Build a menu for a planned journey to Mars in the 2030s. The menu must sustain a group of six to eight astronauts, keep them healthy and happy and also offer a broad array of food.

During volcanic eruptions, lava rises and falls. It is held up by a surge in magma moving up breaks in the crust and steam pockets heated to explosive levels during the surge. When the surge is blocked by hardened lava and the dome cools, poorly supported lava in the cone most often collapses. This would of course leave a place to escape the dust storms that scour the surface of Mars, but did the Annunaki utilize dormant volcano cones for this purpose? After avoiding the Face on Mars and other clear indications that there were cities on Mars in the past, why is NASA now encouraging speculation? Is the cover-up over the alien presence about to break? 

As can be seen by the rash of private money put into space travel lately, the elite have a renewed concern about leaving the surface of Earth during the passage of Planet X. This hope has not died, though having NASA astronauts make the maiden voyage to test feasibility is the preferred first step. If they survive, then the elite may follow. Given the horrific dust storms that scour Mars, taking refuge in dormant volcanic domes is inviting. But given the global economic depression, there is little interest in funding NASA for such manned exploration, so this group is trying to make the mission sexier. Hey, evidence of the Annunki might be there! Lets go see!

I wish that the Zetas have shed new light on the disclosure of the alien presence, whether it will occur at the proposed general statement of Obama? That is, they announced a Planet X but of ZetaTalk and Nancy Lieder of course there will be no words. It is very interesting what they say to the many questions the estimated population of Nibiru, who actually lives there, and if they attack us? Of course in these matters could easily rely on ZetaTalk and say that they are in quarantine by the decree of the Council of Worlds. But since they cannot do it they will come up with new stories, and in general I think there will be no sense to hide the fact that the alien presence on earth if the truth about the reality of Nibiru will be opened, right?

Any announcement about the near presence and pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru, will stick strictly to astronomical discussions – what probes or telescopes have seen, the past and anticipated trajectory, with the implication that this planet nearby is causing the increase in earthquakes, the volcanic uptick, the Earth wobble and the weather extremes. The fact that ZetaTalk has been right all along about all of this will be ignored. Questions will not be taken at the podium, and those taking questions afterwards will be technician who will claim no knowledge of the alien presence and no familiarity with ZetaTalk. But the cover-up over the alien presence will, by default, also have been broken.

If the media choses to broadcast documentaries about ZetaTalk accuracy, and interview Nancy, that will be treated as a separate matter. Disclosing the truth about the alien presence will not thus be bound, per se, to the disclosure of the truth about the near presence of Planet X. The official announcement will imply that future Earth changes will be no worse than those already being experienced. If the issue of the ZetaTalk predictions on the Pole Shift severity come up, there will be talking heads that emphasize that ZetaTalk predicted a passage in 2003, when only an arrive occurred, and predicted the initial 7 of 10 plate movements to occur within weeks, when it took over a year to occur, thus ZetaTalk is not accurate.

ZetaTalk will thus build from the bottom up, as the public realizes that Planet X and the current Earth changes had been predicted all along by ourselves. As our predictions continue to come true, interviews will increasingly be in demand, demands to know what ZetaTalk might say about this or that situation and always the demand for dates and a timeline. Were it nor for ZetaTalk immense popularity and extensive documentation on many forums, as well as on the hard drives of many personal computers, ZetaTalk would be pushed aside by take-over personalities wanting the stage. None have that 17 year track record, on a vast array of subjects, with all the documentation Nancy and her energetic team of supporters have produced over the years.

The campaign to explain away some earth changes on “global warming” or “climate change” is heating up (pun intended), while increasing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and signs in the sky are conveniently ignored.  Roads sometimes buckled during extreme heat and drought in the past, but unexplained sinkholes, damaged infrastructure, collapsed buildings, and twisted rail lines have been on the increase for many years.  The Establishment never fully explains how a mere 1+(°F) rise in air temperature can melt permafrost or heat the oceans, but “global warming” is allegedly responsible for those changes too. Are these just more attempts to get ahead of what the Establishment must know is coming and blame the effects of the near presence of Planet X on anything other than Nibiru?  When the reality of Planet X is finally announced will the Establishment suddenly admit that much of what is blamed on “global warming” is actually caused by or related to Planet X or is that expecting too much? [and from another] Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling. Leading climate models suggest that weather-sensitive parts of the infrastructure will be seeing many more extreme episodes, along with shifts in weather patterns and rising maximum (and minimum) temperatures.

Will an announcement by Obama on the nearby presence of Planet X in the inner solar system be the death of the Global Warming disinformation campaign? Since its birth, it has been about confusing the public, giving them an alternate explanation for erratic weather. Never mind that the rise in earthquakes and volcanism could not be explained by the Global Warming theories, nor the erratic tides. The story of the Global Warming debacle is well known, from the scandal of confabulated data in 2009 to the failure of the Global Warming models to explain the exponential rise in current Earth changes.

What now? Will the Global Warming advocates turn their palms up when Obama announces the presence of Planet X, admitting they were a disinformation campaign all along? Or will they bluster and insist there is no relationship. They will do the latter, as to admit a disinformation campaign brings much backlash, not only anger toward those who perpetrated the scheme but lawsuits for damages by those who were forced into expensive retooling in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Unless there is a leak of emails showing the participants knew they were foisting a lie upon the public, then energetic bluster and a continuation of the current policies should be expected. The lie will continue.