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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 14, 2012

Questions about the situation in Moldova. As far as Moldova's political elite is aware of the coming cataclysm? What is the reason the interest of Germany to the so-called Transnistrian settlement? Mrs. Merkel is in a rather delicate situation, and it will not get any re-election. Why should she get involved in a complex problem? There is a vested interest? [and from another] Moldovan and Transnistrian officials met in Germany to find solutions for conflict settlement June 21, 2012 In 1992 escalated a conflict between Moldova and Russia over this territory. A cease-fire was signed the same year by president of Russia Boris Yeltsin and president of Moldova Mircea Snegur. An agreement to withdraw all Russian forces from the trans-Nistrian districts of the Republic of Moldova was signed by Moldovan Prime Minister Andrei Sangheli and Russian Prime Minister Victor Chernomyrdin in 1994. It stipulated that the 14th Army was to leave the Republic of Moldova within three years, but the agreement was never ratified by the Duma, Russia’s legislature. [and from another] After the dissolution of the USSR, tensions between the Moldovan government and the breakaway unrecognized state's authorities in Tiraspol escalated into a military conflict that started in March 1992 and was concluded by a ceasefire in July 1992. As part of that agreement, a three-party (Russia, Moldova, Transnistria) Joint Control Commission supervises the security arrangements in the demilitarized zone, comprising 20 localities on both sides of the river. Although the ceasefire has held, the territory's political status remains unresolved: though internationally unrecognized, Transnistria is, in effect, an independent state.

The fuss over this tiny nation, Transnistria, is due to the fuss over missile silos potentially being placed in Romania. Romania and Poland were both agreeable to housing these missiles, pointing at or over Russian territory (depending upon whom one asked), creating violent objection from Russia. Transnistria is a “country” thus that could decide to enter the fray, in exchange for all manner of bribes. Since any type of war with Russia is to be avoided, obviously this is a concern to Germany.

Floods in Russia, Krasnodar Region. Local residents believe that the cause of flooding was not rain because the water was a wave. Authorities say that the river out of banks because of the rain but local residents say that it was not. The reason of floods the "break" of rivers , because the region is in the stretch zone? Or other? [and from another] Krymsk has been affected worst of all as the deluge engulfed it overnight, tearing through the city and leaving a trail of desolation in its wake. Witnesses reported buildings destroyed and trucks and other vehicles being overturned. One driver said his truck was literally carried tens of meters by the deluge. In a separate incident, a ten-year-old girl was ripped from her mother and sister’s arms by the force of the current. “This is not just rain or a downpour, this is a catastrophe. There was a wall of water, it was difficult to breath,” wrote an eyewitness on a social networking site. People desperately tried to escape the advancing deluge, fleeing to higher ground and taking refuge on the roofs of buildings. Federal investigators, however, acknowledged Sunday that water had been released naturally from the reservoir, but they insisted it did not cause the flooding and the dam had not been breached. They said the problem was the heavy and sudden rainfall. Many residents remained unconvinced, however. During an outdoor meeting with the regional governor, who tried to persuade them that the reservoir was not the source of the flooding, residents shouted that they did not believe him and repeatedly interrupted him. The governor then agreed to allow five citizens and a journalist to fly over the dam in a helicopter. Putin had already sent his emergencies minister on an inspection mission, a further indication of the concern over the condition of the reservoir. Vladimir Puchkov later reported that he had flown over the dam and seen no evidence of any damage. [and from another] According to official figures, after floods in Krasnodar region were killed 170 people. But numerous witnesses and residents of the town Krymsk argue, that actually were killed a lot more people, and that the officials lie. Could our friends to answer - how many actually people were killed and what's the purpose of hiding the number of flood victims? [and from another] After Russian Floods, Grief, Rage and Deep Mistrust Officials acknowledged that they had been aware of a threat to Krymsk at 10 the previous night, but had not taken measures to rouse its sleeping residents.

What caused the flash flood that swept through Krymsk in the middle of the night? The reservoir did not break, nor was excessive flow released due to rains. The rainfall was not responsible either. Looking at the geography in the Krymsk region, one can see that the reservoir lies above the mountain range to the south, and this is the direction the river draining Krymsk and the reservoir must flow. This entire region is in the stretch zone, as we have repeatedly mentioned, with singing reservoirs, derailing trains, sinkholes suddenly appearing, and bridges pulling apart.

When ground is pulled taught, there are unseen adjustments. Frequently the ground drops, loses elevation, and this happened to the region around Krymsk. Frequently river bottoms pinch shut, and this likewise happened where the river passes through the mountains to the south of Krymsk. Thus, simultaneously, rain swelled the river, the river could not drain properly, and the town dropped in elevation. Because of the cover-up over the presence of Planet X, the populace is left blaming the government, and future such tragedies will occur.

This a television series coming on TV about the end of electricity. There was also a power source that alludes to the perpetual battery talked about here on Zeta Talk. [and from another] Revolution, Mondays starting in the Fall of 2012. [and from another] Life After An EMP Attack: No Power, No Food, No Transportation, No Banking And No Internet September 19, 2011 What would you and your neighbors do if the power went out and it did not ever come back on?

Of course electricity is not going to disappear. If electrons stop moving then a lot more than the lights would go out. The motion of electrons and their binding factor is intrinsic to chemistry and even the movements of planets. So why is this absurd concept being presented on yet another TV show warning the populace of what is to come? Because the grid will go down, fractured in so many thousands of places between power generation and the light bulbs that repair will not occur. The broken link will rule, with skilled labor run off or gone insane and parts not available in a distribution network that is likewise hopelessly broken.

We have stressed that survival communities rely upon wind and water, generating capacity built from old car or electrical tool parts, and relying upon unbreakable LED bulbs or sturdy car headlamps or even carbon arc lights constructed from graphite pencil cores. Survivors should not look to the grid. Along with meteors bombarding Earth, volcanoes erupting in the middle of LA, the core of the Earth ceasing to rotate, the Earth becoming a water world due to rising seas, and the Sun mysteriously causing the plates of the Earth to float on expanded magma causing a polar shift, we now have warnings about electrical outages.

This will hardly suffice as a replacement for the truth about the pending passage of Planet X, as the populace will take this to be entertainment only, and not prepare. They will not build boats like Noah after watching the movie Waterworld, nor move to S Africa after watching the movie 2012, nor will they learn how to make candles after watching the TV show Revolution. Entertaining the public is not warning them, and those in the establishment attempting to placate those among them distressed that they are failing to warn the public should not be granted that argument.

Wikipedia in Russian will be closed on 10th of July because of Russian parliament’s debating of amendments to the law «About information» that could create real censorship of the internet — a blacklisting and filtering of internet sites. Supporters of the law’s proposition say that it is aimed only at widely prohibited content such as child pornography and «information like this», but conditions for determining the content falls under this law will create a thing like the «great Chinese firewall». The existing Russian law’s practice shows the high possibility of the worst scenatio, in which access to Wikipedia soon will be closed in all country. On July 11 will be held the second reading of the law in the State Duma. The law will come into force after the third reading, which date isn’t set yet. So my Q is, SOPA/PIPA start failed, but seems the PX cover-up in Russia goes by the way of the USA, trying to limit the Internet in the country. Could the Zetas provide insight on this? [and from another] The bill calls for the creation of a federal website "nolist". Internet providers and site owners would be forced to shut down any websites on this list. According to Wikipedia authors on Tuesday, the bill will "lead to the creation of a Russian analogue to China's great firewall". The bill's backers in Putin's United Russia party argue that the amendments to the country's information legislation are aimed at child pornography and sites that promote drug use and teen suicide. But critics, including the Russian-language Wikipedia, say the legislation could be used to boost government censorship over the internet. In protest, the Russian-language Wikipedia site shut down for 24 hours [and from another] Recently, the Russian State Duma adopted the law on the sharp increase fines for violations during rallies. Could our friends to answer - do I understand correctly, that the party in power wants to not only impose restrictions on the Internet in connection with the cover-up of Planet X, but also wants to protect itself against rioting, that may will begin when the cover-up will collapse? How far can go party in power in suppressing riots of deceived people?

The Internet in Russia has been remarkably open, and now threatens to become closed. Almost any subject was allowed, and the ability to ban sites was not in place as certainly is the case in countries such as China, which has a notorious firewall. Is this due to Putin’s ascendance again as President, or to the claimed reasons on child pornography and the like? Hardly, as if those were the sentiments they would have resulted in censorship much earlier. Information on Planet X, its obvious presence in the inner solar system, and the history on Nibiru and its periodic passage has appeared on Russian TV to an astonishing degree. Putin, as a partner in the cover-up, has been pressed to limit this, and is doing so.

Beyond limiting what the cover-up crowd would call a premature rupture of the cover-up, a sudden revelation that the establishment has been lying for decades over the approach and pending passage of a monster magnetic planet that now lurks between the Sun and Earth, what can they do to assuage their worry? Just how will the populace respond? This has been an intense topic of discussion among all parties responsible for the continuing cover-up. As the time when revelation will occur, most likely not at the hands of the establishment but as a result of directives from the Council of Worlds, polarizing postures will develop. Threats of martial law will thus arise, until the issue of just how the populace will respond has been answered.

I completely understand the lack of timeline discussion,  and my question has more to do with what rather than when.   The 7/10 is progressing along slowly, and yet the devastation due to plate movements is becoming quite clear.  The wobble as well, with some of the worst weather on record on a global scale, and the pot of sociological and political dramas only beginning to heat up.  The magnetosphere trick was neat, and the visualization of Venus jiggling was as well, but can we please have a hint on what the next "shock the world (even the sheep)" event is going to be, without giving the Establishment too much info?  A physical change that has been help back for whatever reason?   Maybe some astrological drama on an unprecedented scale?  Maybe a *burp* of a well-known volcano?  The possibilities are endless. To sum up:  Can we have a hint on the next "big one"?   If not, I understand.

The rapidly occurring 7 of 10 pace we predicted in the Fall of 2010 has become what some would consider an agonizingly slow pace, as the plate movements slowly occur in the form of crumbling and mountain building and sinking lands, all without the drama of dramatic earthquakes and mass death. Our prediction, thus, that the 7 of 10 would “shock the world” is missing, and many were hoping for a rude awakening to shake up the stalemate between themselves and others they want to interest in planning for safe survival camps. While the humming black boxes are making the plate movements gentle and gradual, the Council of Worlds is facing off against the cover-up. Who is winning and who losing, and how might this end?

Most of the battle is behind the scenes, in the consciousness of the public and the discussions in smoke filled rooms of the establishment. Contactees, who are now of a number approaching billions, are aware of the presence of Planet X and that their governments and in many cases their religious leaders have been lying to them. Those in charge of the cover-up are becoming increasingly polarized, which was frankly expected in situations like this, so that even as it weakens it appears, on the surface, to be hardening. Meanwhile, the Council of Worlds is keeping the pressure up in ways that affect the establishment rather than the populace at large, as this is the point where a break must occur. Why is that?

Recall that one of the major reasons for the Element of Doubt rule is to prevent panic in the establishment. Determined to keep their perch, their status and power, they would gun the public down during demonstrations and impose draconian rules on the rest, such is their concern only for themselves, and retaining their control over the populace. These are, in the main, not nice people concerned about the common good, but ruthless and greedy individuals who have clawed their way to the top, whether the top be in government, in the military, in corporations, in the markets, or in religious institutions. Thus breaking the cover-up suddenly with undeniable evidence has its risks.

Does this mean that the establishment has only to continue the cover-up in order to win in the standoff with the Council of Worlds? Refuse to budge so the Council of Worlds is reluctant to move forward? Progress in this matter is gradual, as the establishment can see this will not last forever and evidence handed to the common man has an upward and exponential trend. The Earth wobble has been increased so that the Sun almost appears to rise in the North at times, and the Moon Swirls of Planet X are visible naked eye around the Sun, seen by many and captured on video. All this receives no comment by the establishment, who issues forth increasingly ludicrous explanations for the Earth’s magnetic field being twisted and awry, and ignores plate movements and the Earth wobble altogether.  

What goes on in the minds of those at the helm in the establishment when they realize the common man can absolutely ascertain the Earth wobble by the position of the Sun, and are doing so! When they realize that Internet chatter about objects between the Earth and the Sun has gone viral, and attempting to stop the chatter would only flame the fires? There has been steadfast erosion in the ranks, who leave their jobs or city residences to head for bunker locations, converting their stocks and bonds and real estate holdings to precious metals and jewels. This trend has pock marked the ranks of the establishment determined to maintain the cover-up so that it looks like Swiss cheese, rather than a wall of solid determination.

All it takes on the part of the Council of Worlds to accelerate the trend is a nudge here or a nudge there, a hint that it would be oh, so easy, to remove the Element of Doubt and allow the common man to speak out. And then the roar of rage, which the establishment so fears would emerge from the populace, would be heard. How often has one seen, in movies or in real life, the bully suddenly groveling and pleading, the tables turned, when they lose control. This point is approaching, and will be seen by a capitulation in the cover-up crowd. They will suddenly decide to clothe themselves as the good guys, announcing the presence of Planet X and providing regular updates on its whereabouts. Meanwhile, the tens of millions who would have been slain or tortured during a panic in the establishment have been spared.