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Issue 159, Sunday, November 15, 2009
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Brazil Blackout

Just ahead of midnight at 10:20 pm local time on November 10, 2009 a massive power outage hit Brazil and Paraguay, caused by a failure at the massive Itaipu dam along the Parana River which runs along the border shared with Brazil and Paraguay.

Power Failure Blacks Out Much of Brazil, Paraguay
November 11, 2009
A massive power failure hit Brazil's two biggest cities, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and large parts of neighboring Paraguay, leaving millions of people in the dark Tuesday night after a hydroelectric plant went offline. The blackout cut off some 17,000 megawatts of electricity, affecting 10 Brazilian states, but power began returning to Rio within a few hours. Brazilian Energy Minister Edson Lobão said authorities weren't sure what caused the outage at the Itaipu dam, which straddles the border between Brazil and Paraguay, but he believed an "atmospheric phenomenon" or "high-intensity storm" was to blame.

Outage Leaves Millions Without Power in Brazil
November 11, 2009
The electricity operator in the state of Minas Gerais said the outage was caused by a problem with the Itaipu dam which lies on the border between Brazil and Paraguay.

The outage was sudden, massive, and clearly from the dam itself, which was not denied by those in power. No explanation was at hand, other than the admission by the Brazilian Energy Minister that it was caused by an "atmospheric phenomena", and not equipment failure. Nor was it a rolling blackout caused by excessive use of electricity. As with August 17, 2009 failure at the Sajano-Shushenskoj hydroelectric power station which was caused by an electromagnetic tsunami, this failure was obvious from the start to be caused by the clash of planetary magnetic fields between Earth and Planet X. The Zetas had new insights, and pointed to a relationship to a crop circle that had appeared in the vicinity on October 29, 2009, and to the the dam's location on a weak point on the S American plate which is ripping apart along the Parana River basin.

ZetaTalk Explanation 11/11/2009: The failure of the hydroelectric plant at the Itaipu dam situated on the border of Brazil and Paraguay was of course caused by an electromagnetic storm caused by the near presence of Planet X and the wafting of its charged tail. The Brazilian Energy Minister was honest about the cause, stating it was a failure at the dam caused by an unknown "atmospheric phenomena". Many blackouts are caused by the equipment shutting down to protect it from surge or brownout damage. Often when there is high demand for electricity, brownouts can occur due to lack of power available to serve the demand. This can cause a domino effect, as one substation after another shuts down due to overload, forcing the demand onto a neighboring substation. This was not the case in the Brazil/Paraguay blackout, which stemmed from the dam itself. The blackout was sudden, affecting the whole area serviced by the power station, showing that the outage stemmed from the dam itself.

Several high profile electrical outages have occurred in recent months - the Air France 447 failure of all electrical systems on that plane on June 1, and the explosions at the Sajano-Shushenskoj hydroelectric power station on August 17 caused by an electromagnetic tsunami. Electromagnetic blasts coming from Planet X have been on record since January 21 with the Earth's magnetosphere losing its S Pole or being twisted, often in synch with major earthquakes. What happened at the Itaipu dam was not due to a particularly strong flood of electromagnetic particles, as the monitoring of the Earth's magnetosphere shows. The magnetosphere seemed to be relatively calm. Where there was no overall electromagnetic blast affecting Earth, the confused magnetic turmoil between the Earth and Planet X can cause erratic magnetic flows in almost any direction. At times, Planet X and the Earth line up end-to-end briefly, causing the Earth to lose its S Pole or for the Earth's magnetosphere to twist. At other times, there is merely a drift of magnetic particles from the field of Planet X toward the Earth's field, causing an overload of particles.

Such a drift is erratic, and is attracted to the surface of Earth based on the electromagnetic particles on the surface of the Earth. This is what caused the hapless Air France 447 to shut down. It was the surface magnet, the Atlantic Rift itself, that attracted a surge of electromagnetic particles just as the plane was crossing the rift. What is it about the location of the Itaipu dam that makes it susceptible to attracting such an electromagnetic surge? We have mentioned that the S American continent has a seaway opening up along the Parana River, ripping apart at Buenos Aires. River bottoms and seaway bottoms in particular, are along weak points in a plate, being pulled apart and causing the land to sink. Thus, such points have less of a shield between the electromagnetic core of the Earth and any turmoil surrounding the Earth's magnetosphere. A surge bridged the gap between magnetons in the field of Planet X and the core of the Earth there, at that weak point in the crust, and the wealth of electromagnetic particles being generated at the dam was another attractant.

The pointed crop circle that appeared in Brazil two weeks prior to the blackout was warning those in this region that their geography would make them vulnerable to such blackouts. The crop circle appeared in Ipuacu, just to the ESE of the Itaipu dam near Foz do Iguacu. The crop circle pointed to the SSW, south of the dam and along the Parana River channel. The crop circle was stating, in pointed language that rises above the language barrier, that the great Atlantic Rift running down along the northern shore of Brazil was not the only place in danger of electromagnetic pulse. Those who would like clarification on the warning that the visitors are giving them should give the Call and engage the visitors directly. We have warned of increasing outages, such as the Earth experienced in 2003 when the massive tail of Planet X wafted the Earth. These times are now upon mankind.

Indeed, a pointed warning had appeared in the small town of Ipuacu, to the ESE of the Itaipu dam near Foz do Iguacu on October 29, 2009.

Brazil - New Complex Crop Circle Just Discovered.
October 29, 2009.
In the small town of Ipuaçu, a vast area of wheat and derivatives crops in the state of Santa
Catarina, South of Brazil.

A humorous note on the matter was NASA's denial that any "geomagnetic storms" were being caused by the presence of an imaginary planets such at Nibiru, as stated by ZetaTalk. This denial appeared in print only days before the massive outage in Brazil and Paraguay. So much for NASA's credibility.

NASA on a Crusade to Debunk 2012 Apocalypse Myths
November 9, 2009
The world is not coming to an end on December 21, 2012, the US space agency insisted in a rare campaign to dispel widespread rumors fuelled by the Internet and a new Hollywood movie. Sony Pictures's latest big screen offering "2012" arrives in theaters on Friday, with a 200-million-dollar production about the end of the world supposedly based on myths backed by the Mayan calendar. The doomsday scenario revolves claims that the end of time will come as an obscure Planet X - or Nibiru - heads toward or collides into Earth. Initial theories set the disaster for May 2003, but when nothing happened the date was moved forward to the winter solstice in 2012 to coincide with the end of a cycle of the ancient Mayan calendar. Among the other theories NASA has set out to debunk are that geomagnetic storms, a pole reversal or unsteadiness in the Earth's crustal plates might befall the planet.

California Cringing

Per the Zetas, the N America continent is being put under a bow stress, as the Aleutian Islands are pulled toward the tip of Mexico. The N American continent has a flat top, a straight line running from Japan to Iceland, so cannot roll in place. Thus it is being pulled at a diagonal.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/10/2006: The giant plates of N America and Eurasia are locked against each other, unable to rotate against each other due to their shape. This creates a diagonal stress on the N American continent where New England is pulled to the east while Mexico is pulled to the West.

The center of this bow is in California near San Diego. The tension in the rock, pulled into a bow, have expressed recently in the many breaking water mains in San Diego and LA, and a roaring sound near San Diego. Quakes have likewise started to pick up in the area. But there are more signs of stress. On September 6, 2009 workmen discovered a cracked beam on the Bay Bridge connecting the city of San Francisco and Oakland, while doing routine repairs. Temporarily, a section of the bridge was closed to replace the cracked beam. A month later a cable snapped on the bridge, dropping the cable and 5,000 pounds of metal onto the roadway and narrowly missing commuters.

San Francisco Drivers Face Day 2 of Tough Commute
October 29, 2009
San Francisco Bay area commuters were bracing for another day of wearisome commutes as crews worked on repairs to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. A day after 5,000 pounds of metal fell and hit the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge during an evening rush hour, state transportation officials said the bridge would not open in time for the morning commute. The pieces that failed Tuesday were parts of major repairs done last month after state inspectors discovered a crack in an "eyebar," an important structural beam. The rods that broke were holding a saddle-like cap that had been installed to strengthen the cracked eyebar.
Bay Bridge Woes Show Need for Critical Action
October 30, 2009
Has the nation done enough to address crucial bridges two years after the tragic collapse of a bridge in Minnesota that killed 13 people? The pieces that fell this week raise even more troubling issues because repairs had just been made in September to the same section of the 73-year-old bridge, which spans the San Francisco Bay and carries an average of 280,000 vehicles daily. The Bay Bridge opened in 1936 and spans 8.4 miles. It was the largest and most expensive bridge - $77 million - of its time. The bridge is best known to most Americans from the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. A 50-foot section of the bridge collapsed during the quake, killing one person and prompting efforts to make it quake-tolerant. Part of the bridge, the West Span, is a suspension bridge. The other portion of the bridge, known as the East Span, is a truss-cantilever design. This week's falling debris happened on the East Span, which is in the process of being replaced.

Water mains continue to break at an alarming rate along the coastline in southern California, sometimes dramatically.

Crews Clean Van Nuys Water Main Mess
November 02, 2009
A new water main break created a towering, Yellowstone-like geyser in Van Nuys Boulevard, and the cause of the rupture remains a mystery. The 54-inch water main broke around 10:30 a.m. in the intersection between Sherman Way and Van Nuys Boulevard. DWP was able to shut off the water by a little past 11:30 a.m. Fortunately, there were no injuries and no damage done to surrounding buildings, but it was still quite a sight to see. The main's explosive current reached almost half the height as Old Faithful and attracted many local onlookers. Though officials do not know exactly what caused Monday's break, they do know that the break cannot be attributed to the city's aging water system. It was installed about 1998. It's been a troubling couple of months for the DWP. On Sept. 5, a giant 64-inch water main that burst under Coldwater Canyon freed tons of water that headed for Ventura Boulevard's homes and shops.

But beyond breaking bridges and water mains, many in southern California are smelling sulfur! And seeing earthquake lights too. Quotes below are from a thread started on October 27, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction messageboard.

It might just be my paranoia but I can almost swear it smells like sulfur. I remember that scent so well from my childhood, growing up near a volcano. Now this weird loud grinding sound coming from outside as well.
[and from another]
You will catch the smell of rotten eggs in the air which is hydrogen sulfide, one of the volcanic gases released by the magma below.
[and from another]
I'm out in the desert. About 2 hours ago, I went hunting around the office (before I came home and read what other's wrote here about this strange smell). I was looking for the source of the burning sulphur, too, and thought it might be something burning in the office building. So I know something smelled pretty bad earlier tonight.
[and from another]
Oh my gosh! Did anyone in So Cal notice the glow/flashing in the sky just now? The first one was yellow. The second one blue and red and yellow. And there was no sound. When I got home I told my sister about it and she said our cable stopped working for a bit around that same time. I am in awe.
[and from another]
Quake lights? They almost always appear before a major quake. Tectonic stress causes energy to be released that is sometimes visible. It can glow or make explosive reports etc. Atmospheric electrostatic discharge from piezio-electric stress in the faults.

The smell of sulfur often accompanies rising magma, and can arise from fault lines prior to an earthquake. Since no major quakes have occurred in the LA area in the 3 weeks following these reports of sulfur smells, this appears to be simply more stress in the LA area and west into the desert. The Zetas have warned of an unknown fault line, running from the San Diego/LA area up toward Mammoth Lake in the Sierras, which will result in Mammoth Lake being an erupting volcanoe prior to the pole shift. Is Magma rising?

ZetaTalk Prediction 2/15/2000: It is no secret that Mammoth Lake and the caldera of Yellowstone are warming up, and the populace has been prepared for these occurrences by the movie Volcano where there, in the middle of LA, lava is bubbling up. In fact, there is a fault line running from the approximate San Diego/LA area, up into the Sierras, and this is liable to rupture rather violently during one of the quakes that precedes the pole shift by some months. Volcanic eruptions from that area in the Sierras can be expected.

SOHO Revealed

Since December, 2008, Planet X has frequently shown up on the SOHO images. One of the most dramatic was the Winged Globe which made an appearance on March 27, 2009. As the Zetas pointed out when the Winged Globe made subsequent appearances in slighly different locations, the Earth and Planet X and the SOHO satellite are all in motion to some degree. The fact that the Winged Globe appears at all on SOHO indicates that the automatic airbrushing done at the spot where Planet X normally appears has failed, due to the movement of these three bodies. Something happened during a planed maneuver of the SOHO satellites to reveal this automatic airbrushing.

SOHO Spacecraft Roll Maneuver
SOHO will perform a special 360-degree science roll maneuver on 26-Oct-09 between 13:50 and 23:50 UT. The roll comprises 10 segments (10 degrees, 8 x 45 degrees, -10 degrees), after which SOHO will be back in its nominal roll attitude. During the manuever, images and movies will also appear rotated. The next quarterly 180-degree roll maneuver is scheduled for 7-Nov-09.

This image was taken at the start of the roll. Note the odd, cascading stack of rectangles at approximately 4:30 o'clock, at the spot where the Winged Globe has been sighted in the past. This is the airbrush program, malfunctioning!!

Compare the location to the spot where the Winged Globe appeared on March 27 and April 19, 2009, also at 4:30 o'clock.

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