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The Zetas talk about what The Call is, and human Equivalents to The Call; Who Takes the Call and how the term Lightworker relates; how those giving the Service-to-Self Call are monitored without telepathy; how one can be Unaware they are giving The Call but Intuition can serve as a guide; how Curiosity or Prayer can be The Call; why more than the spirits called respond during Seances; whether Incantations or Emblems assist in giving The Call; how aliens are Awaiting the Call and why calls are answered Without Delay; how some contactees are Prime Targets during the Transformation; whether aliens as Trouble Makers have affected the Lot of Man; and how we can defray intimidation from aliens if we Just Say No.

The Zetas talks about how a Contactee Call in most cases is due to a Pre-Birth Agreement; what happens when someone desiring alien technology gives a Technology Call; whether we can request a Close Encounter and receive Enlightenment as a result of having given The Call; whether Scallion's Predictions or the prophecies of Edgar Cayce reflect giving The Call; how Prophecy can fortell the future; what happens if a group of humans give a conflicting Simultaneous Call to different alien groups; whether there is such a thing as a Collective Call from the masses; why a Leadership Call or an MJ12 Call is given different treatment; what type of Zeta Call the Zetas communicating here are attuned to; if there are Pole Shift Calls and the spreading Awareness and how Aftertime Calls will operate in the mixed environment.

The Zetas talk about the rumors that Hitler and the Nazis gave a World War II call; what happens during Satanic Rituals; whether the Origin of AIDS was a result of someone giving The Call and the goals in Spreading AIDS; whether Africa is a Targeted Continent; and how the Ebola Virus relates. The Zetas talk about the Human Condition and how this plays into the desire to get the Upper Hand; why humans often find themselves to be a Cornered Victim; what role Spirit Guides play; whether it is myth or truth that the Antichrist is among us; whether World War III is inevitable; whether the Devil exists; whether the 10 Commandments were the result of a call; whether the premise stated in The Gods of Eden is correct; and why a Canadian Visit from Kladen occurred.

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