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Past interviews and videos produced by Nancy are currently on Nancy's YouTube channel. These include relevant ZetaTalk. New ZetaTalk is posted on the website and eventually appears in the Newsletters. Nancy resigned from the monthly USAEBN show, where it was her honor to have been invited, due to her overwhelming workload. As a substitute Nancy provided survival videos to the public via DVD or Dropbox downloads and is providing new survival material as time allows. Media sources wanting an interview with the Zetas and Nancy should contact their Press Agent.

 Making Clothing, June 19, 2021 on YouTube - After the Pole Shift, survivors in industrialized countries will be thrown back to a lifestyle prevalent centuries ago. Natural fibers and materials such as wool, cotton, and flax. Curing leather. Carding and spinning with a distaff. Spinning wheel and Loom construction.

 Wood Gas, June 16, 2021 on YouTube - Wood Gas cars and trucks are in use today, but during World War II were mandatory in many countries because of gasoline shortages. Detail government specs from Finland are shared, with text and drawings.

 Survival Home, June 14, 2021 on Audio - Discussion with a hands on survival homestead developer, with personal experience and success in many of the techniques he describes. How to secure heat and methane gas from manure and human sewage. Using the fully rotted material periodically as fertilizer, and how to allow this to age in a compost pile. Nothing is wasted. Cooking with methane, and how to rig your gas stove to do this. Compressing methane into tanks, and methane powered engines. Sewage settlement ponds. Algae and fish culture, using sewage effluent in ponds. Difficulty in keeping blue-green algae strains pure. Bermed or underground housing. Importance of water percolation tests and adequate drainage away from site. Landslides, liquefaction, and earthquake proofing a home. Electricity from hot springs. Homemade windmills. Wood gasifiers and how to scrub the gas. Lawn mowers as arc welders. Necessity the mother of invention. Mistakes precede success. Mistake examples. Survivor group dynamics. Home schooling. Likely survivor group combos

Zeta Report on USAEBN, May 3, 2021 on YouTube - Nibiru Visibility: Point of Passage, Petrol Bubble to Petrol Mass to Petrol Monster growth, Petrol Monster Collisions, Red Dust trails then blows past Nibiru, Petrol incorporates Red Dust, Hexagon shapes, Moons of Nibiru, Distance from Earth, Moon Size determination, Double Helix, Moon Swirls and Independent Moons, Retrograde Orbit, Skyfire over Taal volcano, Skyfire in Wales and DC.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, April 5, 2021 on YouTube - Petrol Skyfall: Oil in Nibiru tail, Asteroid Belt source, Velikovsky records, Chiloe Chile incident, Satellite views, Petrol Bubbles arrive, Sun block incidents, Eclipse illusion, Horizon view distorted, Droplets photographed, Skyglow, Peachland incident, Red Dust sopped up, Trench or Basement safety, Garden protection, Nibiru new visibility

Zeta Report on USAEBN, March 1, 2021 on YouTube - Self Sufficiency: Imagine you can never shop again, grid down, urban or suburban gardens, saving seed, root cellars, meatless meals, keeping chickens and goats, Hunger Games example, eating what Nature provides, bugs and worms, vitamins from bugs and weeds, hygiene, the outhouse, homemade soap, distilling drinking water, homemade windmills, houseboats, making clothing.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, February 1, 2021 on YouTube - End Times Evidence: Dead Sea fish, Book of Ezekiel, Book of Zechariah, Arabia greening, White Buffalo, Hopi prophecy, Udumbara, Oar Fish, Japanese lore, Frog plagues, Locust plagues, Red dust, Sargasum seaweed, Humpback whale, Krill, I-35 collapse, Snow in Summer, Emperor Qin, Jet Stream, Moon face torque, Daily Wobble, Siberia and Alberta dark at noon, Trumpets, LongEye masks, Moaning Earth, Two Suns, String of Pearls, Earth Twin, Hopi Kachinas, Shiva and Kali, Skyfire, Popol-Vul, Kolbrin, Book of Revelations, Book of Enoch, Book of Exodus, Hadiths, Buddhist prophecy.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, January 4, 2021 on YouTube - Nibiru Undeniable: Heads of State warned, Red Sky and Dust, Second Sun sightings, Naked Eye sightings, String of Pearls sightings, Neon Clouds, Neon Swirls, Petrol Bubble smoke bombs, Petrol Grid, Petrol skylight, Daily Earth Wobble, Snow in Summer, Erratic Weather, Azimuth off, Sunrise/Sunset off, EMP increase, EMP Executive Order, Schuman Resonance distortion.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, December 7, 2020 on YouTube - Basic Necessities: Fish Hooks and Line, Inflatable Boat with Paddles, AM/FM Radio with Batteries, Crank Short Wave Radio, First Aid Kit, Toothbrush, Nail File and Clipper, Pots and Pans camping set, Hand Tools, Folding Knife, Needle and Thread, Knitting Needles, Wool Socks, Tarp, Halcon book, Old Bike for BikeGen, Car Alternator and 12V Battery, Windmill specs, Wood gas specs, Buckets for Houseboat container gardens. Utah Monolith and copycats. New Madrid delayed.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, November 2, 2020 on YouTube - 1 Acre Farm: Acre football field, Growing Power example, Yard Size, Free Ranging Chickens, Chicken Coop, Brooder care, Goat or Sheep pasture size, Square Foot / Person, Tiny House fad, Strawberries, Climber plants, Vegetarian needs, New Madrid hot spots, B52 sniffers, Sulfur Dioxide emissions, Co emissions, Nibiru naked eye, Second Sun, Petrol Bubbles.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, October 6, 2020 on YouTube - Poisonous Food: Cucurbits,Toxic Squash Syndrome, Nightshade family, Tomato vines, Green Potatoes, Ergot fungus, St. Anthony Fire, Escargot, Caterpillars, Zebra Spiders, Mad Cow prions, Chronic Wasting Disease, Red Tide Algae, Death Cap and other poisonous mushrooms, Schumann Resonance blackouts, Nibiru Petrol Bubbles, Fire in the Sky, 2016 Astronomer reveals, WISE vs Dark Energy Survey.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, September 3, 2020 on YouTube - Never Say Nibiru: Voldemort, BATSRUS magnetosphere modeling, Dipole lean, Schumann Resonance, EMP increase and EO, S Atlantic anomaly, Earth Orientation Center, Sitchin, Sumerian records, Swiss Franc depiction, 1983 infrared probe, Pioneer10 probe, Mother Shipton, Book of Revelations, Azoth, Shiva and Kali, Kachinas, NuWa, JieXia weather, Thera, Moses, Mammoth frozen, Second Sun sightings, String of Pearls, 1983 to 2003 path.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, August 3, 2020 on YouTube - Earthquake Survival: Slipslide faults, Subduction zones, Base Isolation, Liquifaction, Resonance, Cross Bracing, Brick and Masonry buildings, Wood Frame or Steel buildings, Interior furniture, Radio Static warning, Pet Panic warning, Short Wave radio, Halcon fire starting, Distill and Desalinate drinking water, Tarts, Basement living, Hobbit houses, Lean-to, Levers and Pulleys, Tree houses, Bunkers, Stilt homes, Houseboats, Floatation and Buoyancy, New Madrid rupture update, Buoys deactivated.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, July 6, 2020 on YouTube - End Time Signs: Earthquake clouds, Earthquake increase, Methane towers, Neon clouds, Red Domes, Bolides, Lomonosov sky, Banshee scream, Trumpets, the Hum, String of Pearls, Second Sun, Albinos, Oar fish, Dead fish, Dead Sea fish, Arabia lush, Wobble Sun location, Erratic Weather, Snow in Summer, Trump EMP EO, Solstice readings, Stone Henge, Manhattanhenge, New Madrid precursors, China Dragon.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, June 1, 2020 on YouTube - Seed Saving: Propagation methods, Storing Seeds, Annuals, Corn, Beans and Legumes, Lettuce, Spinach, Bok Choy, Melons, Squash, Cucumbers, Pumpkins, Cool Cellar storage, Tomato, Strawberry, Potato, Amaranth and Buckwheat, Biennials, Root Cellars, Onions, Cabbage, Carrots, Chard, Berry bushes, Fruit Trees, Cloning, West Coast quakes, New Madrid predictions.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, May 4, 2020 on YouTube - End Times Dates: January 2021, 40 Days prophecy, Seasons Blending, 7 Bowls in Revelations, Leishmania, 10 Plagues, Torah, Book of Exodus, Kolbrin, Frog Plague, Locust Plagues, Red Dust, Sky Fire, Ipuwer, Velikovsky, Dead Fish, Pitho virus, Mother Shipton, Kali, Kachina, White Buffalo, Trumpets, Dragon description, Two Suns, Arabia greening, Dead Sea fish, Cayce, keeping Chickens.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, April 6, 2020 on YouTube - Pandemic Peak: Quarantine, Wash Hands, Face Masks, Gloves, Peak Models, Hump Models, Quinin Success, Zinc, Vitamin C, Azithromycin, Leronlimab, Cytokine Storm, Ivermectin, Remdesivir, Super Antibodies, University of Pittsburgh vaccine, UV-C, Toilet Paper Panic, Victory Gardens, Chickens, Seed Saving, Earthworm Compost.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, March 3, 2020 on YouTube - Pandemic Survival: COV -19 origin, Bats-Snakes-Pangolin, Ebola in 2014, Plague in 2017, SARS in 2003, MERS, HIV in 1976, Spanish Flu 1918, ACR2 receptors, HIV-1 inserts, Death Rate comparison, Asians susceptible, Cytokine Storm, Air Travel spread, Diamond Princess quarantine, Isolation and Quarantine, Mecca ban, Lent ban, Pope sick, New Madrid plate lock, Spring Garden starts.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, February 3, 2020 on YouTube - Worst Case Solutions: Puerto Rico quakes, Peace of Mind in Earthquake Country, Clue: radio static, Clue: pets flee, Ache tsunami, Clue: water pulls back, Tornado formation, continuous lightning, path above ground, storm shelters, Clue: below ground, Taal volcano, extinct erupting, Pyroclastic flow, Lahar flow, Pompeii example, St. Helens example, Ruapehu fluoride, Tip: masks, Australia fires, California fires, Vekikovsky reports, Tip: high ground, Lightning safety, N America quakes, New Madrid fault lines.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, January 6, 2020 on YouTube - Looming Starvation: Midwest flood kill, Argentina heat kill, Brazil cold snap, Canada canola crop, China hog loss, Venezuela example, 1 Acre Homestead example, Suburban backyard example, Chickens free range everywhere, Permaculture techniques, Growing Power example, Tree Bank banana trees, Goats everywhere, Seed saving the key, Houseboats can fish, Vitamins from nature, Halcon fire starting, Distillation techniques, Famine examples, 2019 Christmas Hammer.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, December 3, 2019 on YouTube - Tacit Admissions: President Trump EMP Executive Order, DARPA tests, War College study, DC evac plans, DC flooding likely, Patriarch Kirill admissions, New Siberian Islands navy, Far East free land, Modi invitation, China Ghost Cities, Denver as US HQ, Banking liquidity crunch, Europe subprime rates, China debts, US troops coming home, Inuit Arctic sunlight observations, FAA Selawik webcam, Brazil Senator admissions, New Madrid update, Kansas booms and stink, Black Hills seismo black, Port Neches explosions, Q accuracy, McCain execution, Obama Double, Queen Double, Melania’s Christmas message.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, November 4, 2019 on YouTube - Blessing in Disguise: During Transformational times, tragedy can often be a blessing. Bahama hurricane, California outages, Chile fireballs, Flooded communities, Modi and Putin re India to Far East, Sargassum seaweed explosion and ocean fish rebound, President Trump’s EO re EMP, Meatless meals. Update on New Madrid unzipping in Louisiana.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, October 7, 2019 on YouTube - End Time Prophecy: White Buffalo, Kachinas, Noesake mountain, Looking Glass rock, NuWa, Visuddhi-Magga, Udumbara flowers, Shiva and Kali, Dead Sea fish, Arabia blooming, Red Skies, Biblical prophecy, Kolbrin reports, Talmud prophecy, Babylonian prophecy, Mother Shipton, Trumpeting in Jerusalem, Gjallerhorn, Anti-Christ, 40 Days, Sunrise West, Long Day, Noah’s Arc, Great Flood, Cayce prophecy.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, September 2, 2019 on YouTube - New Madrid: 1811-1812 History, Liquifaction, Quake patterns, Diagonal stress, Bow Stress, East Coast fault, Alaska quake, Mexico quake and crevasse, Ramapo CO release, Ricj Strata influence, Oklahoma swarms, Mississippi flow backwards, 2017 heaving, Damage estimates, I-35 torque, Pipelines vulnerable, Bayou Corne, Seaway hum, Leo Frigo bridge, Chicago canals, European tsunami, San Andreas follows, 2016 FEMA, 2019 FEMA, DC flood potential, DC evac plans, San Andreas monitoring, New Madrid monitoring, Illinois warnings, Survival steps, Humpback whale resurgence.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, August 5, 2019 on YouTube - UFO History: Navy rules, Official Disclosure, Blue Book, Roswell, Billy Meier, Rendlesham, Bob Lazar, Voronezh, Tien Shan, Phoenix Lights, Zeimbabwe, Varginha, StarChild. Cosco Skull, Paracas Skull, Triads, ISS Captures, Night Walker, Skinny Bob, Little Alien, Sir William Petrie, Peru Blue Alien, Snake Man, Snake Man Eggs, Snake Man Baby, Trump Statements, Area 51, Close Encounters, Pope’s Welcome, Stealth Bomber, Anti-Gravity Beetles, UFO Rules

Zeta Report on USAEBN, July 1, 2019 on YouTube - Cascade Events: Daily Wobble, Rain, Failing Dams (Dunlap, Hoover, Oroville, Hanson, Minas Gerais), Train Derailments, Landslides, Water and Gas Main breaks, Exploding Factories, Drought, Okeechobee fires, Deluge and Hail, 2019 US Deluge, Crop Failure, Temperature Swings, Heat Stress on Chickens and Cattle, Record Heatwaves (India, Kuwait), Wildfires (Canada, Arctic), 2019 Memorial Day Tornado Rampage in US, Sewage in Drinking Water, Black Death returns.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, June 3, 2019 on YouTube - Survival Basics: Consider that you might become Naked and Afraid after a catastrophe such as the Zeta predicted crustal shift, the Grid is down, Water pipes broken and no pressure, Hurricane force winds and tornados have tossed your house about, roads ripped up and bridges down, no petrol anyway. To survive, prep for First Aid, Short Wave crank radio, Tarp shelters, Halcon Hand Drill and BIC lighter fire starting, Distill water or Desalinate, Outhouses, Hand Tools, homemade Soap, Wind and Water mills, eating Bugs and Weeds, saving Seed, Houseboats, Wood Gas driven cars, eating Rodents, and keeping Chickens and Goats.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, May 6, 2019 on YouTube - Family of Man: Angola Man, Indonesia Man, Gypsy Man, White Man, Black Man, China Man, Mitochondrial Eve, Out of Africa theory, American Indian, Homo Flores, Australian Aboriginals, Homo Habilis, Homo Luzon, Neanderthal, Annunaki, Monkey hybrids, Alien Presence cover-up, Nibiru cover-up, Gordon James Gianninoto media blitz.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, April 1, 2019 on YouTube - Aliens Among Us: Cover-up’s collapsing, Trump’s EMP EO, RUNet independence, 737 Max 8 grounded, SETI, ET and Close Encounters, Yoda was real, Voronezh encounter, Brazilian Roswell, Star Child skull, Cusco skulls, Argentina little alien, Denver peeping Tom, Night Walkers, Skinny Bob, Tall Whites, Little Blue bopper, Snake Man mummies, Patagonia tall man, Qiang mummy, Mongols DNA, Samson and Gods of Olympus and Thor, Annunaki legends, Trolls, Antarctica melt reveals, Mars rover reveals, UFO messages, New Madrid adjustment.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, March 4, 2019 on YouTube - 3600 Year Signature: Ice Ages, Prior Crustal Shifts, Greenland ice, Sahara Desert, Thera explosion, Exodus, Egyptian collapse, Kolbrin records, Sea Level drop, Madagascar bones, Mediterranean bones, Mammoth extinction, King Chieh, Polar Vortex, Australian heat, Malta raining fish, Jet Stream extreme, Earth Wobble, Schumann Resonance, Neon Clouds, Lomonosov explosions, New Madrid moans, USAEBN survival info.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, February 4, 2019 on YouTube - Nibiru Excuses: Polar Vortex vs Global Warming excuse; Volcano and Earthquakes vs Fracking and Landslide excuses; Slowing Rotation vs Leap Second and Moon Tug excuse; Red Dust vs Sahara Dust excuse; Neon Clouds vs Russian Rockets or NASA ionosphere test excuse; Blackouts vs Sunspot excuse; Second Sun vs Solar Simulator excuse; EMP and Crashing Planes vs Solar Wind excuse; Daily Wobble vs Polar Ice disparity excuse; Chemtrails vs Dim the Sun excuse; N Pole drift vs Squirting Magma excuse.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, January 7, 2019 on YouTube - Natural Leaders: Yellow Vest, Brexit, are against the arrogant elite; US Revolution 1776 was similar; Cajun Navy and Camp Fire volunteers are bottom up leadership; Confucius advice; Qin Shi Huang example; Leadership styles; Led by Children; Fight or Flight avoidance techniques; Anchorage roadway destruction; Land Cracks in India, Indonesia, S American, Central America, Africa, and Mexico; Krakatoa; NYC neon cloud; CenturyLink outage; Moon cities; Chang’e-4 plans.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, December 3, 2018 on YouTube - Surviving EMP: EMP definition, Lightning, Ball lightning, MinMin lights, Lightning avoidance, Lightning rods, AF447, MH370, MS804, JT610, Smoking planes, DHS concerns, Space Weather vs Nibiru, Dams exploding, Hancock Building elevator drop, Schumann Resonance spikes, BATSRUS scramble, Faraday cages, Anchorage road rip, Atlantis found, Plato right, Annunaki quarantined.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, November 5, 2018 on YouTube - Ode to Junkmen: Rebuild shelters after Hurricanes, Roof pieces, Lumber and Gutters in the trash, Tarps, Halcom fire starting, BIC lighters, Tire homes, Basement homes, Levers and Pulleys, Waterworld movie, Windmills from junk, Alternator key, Watermills from junk, Collect water via Gutters, Houseboat floatation, Castaway movie, Screens in junk, Hand tools, Witness movie re Amish, Chemtrail, Nikita Razvozhaev, Barter System, Far East, Planet 9.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, October 1, 2018 on YouTube - Hurricane Lessons: batten down, dome shape shelters, projectile force, hurricane cones, Florence cone switch, Correolis effect, storm surge, tidal bore, NYC underground flooding, Houston deluge, Katrina levees, soil melt, unquenchable fires, snakes and crocs, pig poop and coal ash, power plants, distill water, generators, off-grid power, volunteers, Cajun Navy, houseboats, hand tools, Baraboo river, stilt homes, Palu Bay tsunami, S American roll, wealthy expectations.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, September 3, 2018 on YouTube - Pole Shift Shock: Sichuan Long-Eye Mask, Biblical Trumpets, Japanese Jomon pottery, Sky Spirals, Fire Storms, Trench Survival, San Andreas, Ice Ages, Mammoth Extinction, New Geography, Shiva, Second Sun, String of Pearls, Earth Wobble, Siberian Darkness, Alberta Darkness, North Slope quakes, Fiji quakes, Genoa bridge collapse, Venezuela quakes, Booms, Wobble measures, Moon Face tilt.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, August 6, 2018 on YouTube - Scripted Drama and 7 of 10 on the increase; recent Bali quake; Earth plate movement History; Pangea; India plunge under Himalayas; Aboriginal awareness; Australia floods 2011; Bangkok and Cambodia flooding 2011; S America drained beaches 2017; Trinidad mud volcano 2018; S American and Africa rolls; Exodus and Kolbrin history; African Rift Valley; Kenya crevasse 2017; Ural Mountains methane 2014; frozen Mammoths and Potsdam U findings; pending crustal shift; Last Weeks detail; Fake News and the Nibiru coverup.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, July 2, 2018 on YouTube - Annunaki: Giants of old, Samson legend, David and Goliah, Thor’s Hammer, Mt. Olympus gods, Patagonia hybrids, QiangMummy, Genghis Khan, Mongolia DNA, Great Pyramids, Easter Island heads, Sumerian records, Shuttle landing strips, Antarctic launch pads, Dolmens crematoriums, Gold obsession, El Dorado, Mars evidence, Goats and Mice on Mars, Annunaki on Swiss Franc, Quarantine from Earth.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, June 4, 2018 on YouTube - 2018 hurricane season predictions, Chile cyclone a first, New Zealand waves a record, Earth Wobble related, 2017 wobble proof, 2016 comparison, Correolis effect, ZetaTalk predictions, Uninhabitable coastlines, Hurricane Cones comparisons, Harvey path reversal, Artificial Intelligence limits, Musk wiring human brains, DNA surveillance, LifeLog and FaceBook, Google drone analysis, Amazon drone delivery, Star Wars and Wall-E vs reality, Terminator likely?

Zeta Report on USAEBN, May 7, 2018 on YouTube - Permaculture basics: Benign Neglect, Replicate Nature, Lazy Gardener best. No Till planting, Dust Bowl comparison, Rain Forest example. 3 Sister’s technique, Irish Potato Famine, depleted soil vs composting, total Recycling goals. Permaculture high productivity achieved, 1/10 acre result. Growing Power. Chickens and Goats eat everything. Nature provides. Urban Gardens, saving Seed, and Lyzine key to vegie only meals. Current new: Schumann Resonance spike, Hawaii quake, Antarctica revelations, Korea future.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, April 2, 2018 on YouTube - Fire Above Fire Below: Nibiru is dragon in Revelations, as Azoth, and by Mother Shipton; Fireball increase, Chelyabinsk, Space Guard debates, safety tip; Ipuwer and Kolbrin report fire blankets, Velikovsky analysis; Monster Persona of Nibiru, Venus, Dark Twin with features; Volcano increase, African Rift; Magma Jet Stream and composition, Yellowstone, safety tips; Fake Media, Chemtrails, Orange Snow in Sochi.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, March 5, 2018 on YouTube - End Time Clue: During the past month, these clues have hit the media. Have you been connecting the dots? Q’s Feb 15 “Just Waiting” photo. NYC tsunami warning on Feb 6. Venice canals out of water Feb 5. Aleutian quake Jan 23 felt in Florida. Mexico quake on Feb 16 followed by Iceland swarm on Feb 17. Philippine Plate tiling Feb 14 quakes on both sides after Taiwan quake on Feb 6. Trinidad ripped apart Feb 13. DOW drops -666 points Feb 9. Big Burn in past article Feb 1. David Meade new prediction Feb 14. NYC record highs Feb 21.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, February 5, 2018 on YouTube - Subliminal Messages: Cape Town a major tourist city in S Africa out of water, horrific California wildfires in wealthy county of Ventura, Puerto Rico still without electricity – what to do to get clean water, save life in a roaring fire, and gen electricity off the grid. Sweden civil defense booklet, tent cities and tiny houses in the news. Wobble temps and the Justin Timberlake half time message.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, January 6, 2018 on YouTube - 2017 Year Review: Memphis heave, Ramapo CO reading, PA seismograph pulse, Hartfield-Jackson fire, Arizona fissure, Mexico quake reach, Brazil beaches dry, Chile tsunami timing, Nigeria quakes, MIMIC pattern, Tanzania video, S Africa crevasse, Antarctic quake, Azure Window collapse, Iraq quake, RU 106 location, Siberia neon ball, Artic ice direction, Harvey wobble, Schumann Resonance spikes, Bi-coastal power outage, BATSRUS scramble, Snakeman of Peru, Eclipse revelations, Nibiru waffles, String of Pearls, Nibiru moons, Meade constellations, Patriarch Kirill speech, Jerusalem decision, Paris Accord, Silk Road renewed, Solar Sim and Leap Second excuses, Wobble patterns.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, December 4, 2017 on YouTube - Evidence of Nibiru: String of Pearls, Dozens of moons galore, 7 of 10 progress, Brazil beaches vs Chile waves, Mexico Quake to Kamchatka, New Madrid heaving land, Leap Second earthquake excuse, MIMIC evidence, Kanzania rift lift, RU 106 along Eurasian Rip, Kirill’s message, McCain’s boot, Cover-up excuses.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, November 6, 2017 on YouTube - Movies: Hobbit houses, Pumpkins and Cabbage, Tidal Cities, Tree Houses; Swiss Family Robinson; Amish barn raising in the Witness; Waterworld floating cities; Star Wars natural leaders emerge, recycling junk; Huck Finn rafting; Cast Away raft, making fire, spear fishing; Quest for Fire; Hunger Games eating squirrels, bow and arrow; Sully leadership; Revenant determination; The 33 will to live; San Andreas earth changes; 2012 crustal shift and cover-up lies; Twister tornado survival; Hildalgo eating locusts; Inferno avoid cities; Day After migrate early; Knowing contactee  knowledge.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, October 2, 2017 on YouTube - End Times Survival: Storm Clash between Earth wobble and Coriolis Effect causing hurricanes to make landfall in USA; Mexico quake magnitudes under-reported; Mississippi River almost running backwards, blocked at Memphis and water too high at St. Louis; Self-Sufficiency review, as the End Times are approaching.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, September 11, 2017 on YouTube - Evidence of Nibiru: Nibiru obvious, Moon Swirls confirmed by many, Path wrong, Media squirmed, Totality too far North, Timing late, Chemtrail assault, Hurricane Harvey backed up, Houston not original path, Cone history, Wobble proofs, Irma beaches drained, Katrina/Harvey comparisons, Harvey volunteerism, Subconscious knowledge of contactees.

Open Your Mind, August 20, 2017 on YouTube - Eclipse expectations, Nibiru proof, importance of spiritual orientation and soul growth, possibility of avoiding the Pole Shift, James Gilliland fraud, ZetaTalk Accuracy, contactee experiences, telepathic communication via brain implant, alien technology claims, Ireland as Safe Location, how to prepare for the cataclysms and life afterwards. 

Zeta Report on USAEBN, August 7, 2017 on YouTube - Solar Eclipse history, dark orb on 5/1/2003, no totality 11/8/2003, Moon orbit wrong 4/8/2005, darkened background 3/29/2006, Mars nearby for 8/21/2017, official cams shut down 7/11/2010, path wrong 5/20/2012, Moon Swirl dance on the Sun 10/23/2014, NASA corona excuse for 8/21/2017, NASA ionosphere clouds excuse, Peru Snake Man alien mummies, snake eggs and rib cage and mouth visible, Planetary Protection Officer.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, July 3, 2017 on YouTube - Many Voices Same Message: how the Hindu gods Shiva and Kali relate to the Hopi Kachinas, the mythical Gjallerhorn of Finland, reports of Emperor Jie of Xia in China and the NuWa legend, how the Jewish Talmud and the Christian Bible and the Egyptian Kolbrin and the Muslim Hadiths and the Buddhist Visuddhi-Magga all report the same history and predict the same future Pole Shift, sunrise West and stopped rotation of the Last Weeks from many sources, the Earth wobble and Moon twisted face from many sources, Noah’s warning, trumpeting and the 7 Seals, Mother Shipton and Edgar Cayce, Prophet Muhammed’s 40 days prediction as the best timeline clue. 

Zeta Report on USAEBN, June 5, 2017 on YouTube - Nibiru in the News: Main Stream Media increase, 1983 discovery denied, 1995 traveling planets denied, exoplanets admitted, 1997 sci.astro debates, Planet X term overused to confuse, Pioneer 10 revelation, Winged Globe on SOHO in 2009, 2013 Russian media, 2016 Disclose TV, 2017 AHC, David Mead book, Brazil Senator announcement, Global Warming excuse, Volcanic and quake increase excuses, blame the Sun excuse, dramatic recent Second Sun and Double Helix.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, May 1, 2017 on YouTube - Find your Survival Niche: What is your skill set? Do you garden and save seed? Are you an electrician or a nurse? Experienced fisherman? If not, consider a worm bed in your kitchen or bug farm in your garage. If a carpenter, collect hand tools. Short wave radio or cooking instincts will likewise be welcomed. Develop your niche skills! Also, recent EMP episodes. 

Zeta Report on USAEBN, April 3, 2017 on YouTube - Magnetosphere Scramble: EMP on the increase, history of airliners going down (AF 447, MH 370, MS 804), trains surging (Hoboken), dam transformers expoding (Sayano, Itaipu), blackouts, cell phones and cars bursting into flames, cell phones calling each other, personal EMP in the Wisconsin stretch zone, BATSRUS history, examples of Earth’s magnetosphere distressed and scrambled, EMP attractants (water over plate stress), Nibiru visibility, SOHO coverup, increasing Martial Law (example Venezuela), Prong 3 fail.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, March 6, 2017 on YouTube - Cover-up History: Nibiru coverup started with Roswell when MJ12 was formed; then 1983 IRAS discovery; then Global Warming and Blame the Sun excuses; 2003 arrival and documentation by search teams, Obama blocked, Prong approach to announcement, American Heroes Channel show, personal EMP increase. 

Zeta Report on USAEBN, February 6, 2017 on YouTube - Wealthy Bunkers: Prepare for the Apocalypse. Articles in the press in January, 2017 show the Rising S bunkers in Texas, Survival Condo Project in Kansas, SeaSteading off Tahiti, Texas billionaires buying up Idaho, and escape to New Zealand. What could go wrong? Mutiny, lack of a sustainable food supply, trapped in their bunkers, and looting. The poor will fare better on all fronts. 

Zeta Report on USAEBN, January 3, 2017 on YouTube - As is traditional at the start of a New Year, the Year in Review of the monthly appearance on USAEBN. The range of informative topics on Earth changes, not addressed in the regular media, and in-depth survival discussion is immense. This is available on the USAEBN archives and on YouTube in the NancyLieder channel.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, December 5, 2016 on YouTube - Mythical Creatures and Real Critters - Werewolves, Wisconsin ManBear, Wolves, Grizzlies, New Jersey Devil, Dragon, T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Crocodile, Wild Boar, Vampires, Mothman , Bigfoot, Bigfoot Hybrids, Chupacabra, Dog Packs, and Cougars.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, November 7, 2016 on YouTube - Can the Internet be Shut Down? The Internet is like the phone system, your unique number is matched to your name in the phone book, so a domain name is matched to a unique IP number. Just as the phone works over a phone line, your access is controlled by a gateway, your ISP. There are various ways you can lose your Internet, but the solutions are ham radio, packets by short wave, and build your own servers. 7 of 10 plate movement update also – Japan quakes, New Madrid held in check, and African Roll.

 Coast to Coast am, October 19, 2016 on their Archives - Nibiru visibility, even naked eye and on webcams, examples of daily Earth wobble, EMP examples including Hoboken, how the cover-up over Nibiru is collapsing via the multi-pronged approach being taken by international astronomers, the Annunaki on Nibiru and if they will return, conscious contact with little aliens increasingly happening. See the Talking Points.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, October 3, 2016 on YouTube - Aliens Among Us: ET and Close Encounters spoke truth, well documented, 1989 Voronezh encounter, 1996 Brazilian Roswell, 2008 Peeping Tom video, 2010 California Night Walker video, 2011 Skinny Bob tape, 2014 Tall Whites admission, 2014 Little Alien photos and video, 2016 Peru Blue alien videos, 2011 skulls in Cusco, Star Child DNA, Annunaki structures, Annunaki proof on Moon and Mars, Annunaki hybrids in Patagonia, Annunaki mummy in Tibet, Thor legends, Troll mummies in Tibet, Dropa stones and Pig Dragons, Troll tunnels in Austria, Yoda was real, War of the Worlds scare tactics, Hawking wrong, Medieval UFOs, Roswell coverup, Alien buddies, Bunkers fail, FaceBook smackdown, JFK’s message.

Exopolitics, September 16, 2016 on YouTube - with Mark Snider and Starr DiGiacomo, Nancy’s contactee life, Nancy’s scripts and booklets, Peru little blue alien, Prongs steps to introduction of Nibiru from Planet 9 to Dark Energy Survey in infrared, Nibiru tail debris, Hillary’s doubles and seizures, 2016 election halt possibility, Dunford in charge, media co-opted, 1984 similarities, Hillary green screen rallies, FaceBook smackdown.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, September 5, 2016 on YouTube - History of the Prongs: Planet 9 out toward Orion in the news. Exoplanets in odd orbits, life bearing planets, extinction level events on Earth, Brown Dwarfs and Failed Suns, binary suns, all pointing to Nibiru as true. Dark Energy Survey in infrared will be key. Kepler and Wise and Hubble looked afar, while ESO in Chile find exoplanets close by. Niku has a retrograde orbit, as does Nibiru, and Proxima B all relate. Also blue alien in Peru, New Madrid percursors, and wobble slosh warnings.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, August 1, 2016 on YouTube - Daily Wobble Proof – Started in 2004 after Nibiru arrived, Figure 8 pattern, Inuit observations, midnight sunrise in Alaska on FAA cam, Denver cam Sun too high, Jet Stream twisting, Coriolis effect, US heat dome, Weather maps show latitude comparisons, EOC charts show Earth tilt change, dual sunset in Mexican cams, personal observations, wobble moment is rapid, Cover-up excuses, uneven ice loss at N and S Poles, Wobble worsening but Last Weeks not yet.

Leak Project, July 14, 2016 as Video (Part 1) and Audio (Part 2) - Did Reagan sign an executive order to keep people silent on Nibiru? Where is Nibiru now? Can it be seen? Do the Anunnaki really live there? Will there be a pole shift? Were people in the know taken out for speaking out about Planet X? We were disconnected 3 times during the interview. The second part of the show is done via landline.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, July 4, 2016 on YouTube - Martial Law vs National Emergency – What’s the Diff? Posse Comitatus laws, Coast Guard exempt thus Katrina rescue, recent Martial Law examples in Thailand and Ukraine, examples of National Emergency in US in 2005 and 2009, FEMA busy schedule, the DoD strong hand, conspiracy theories, contactee knowledge, Nibiru Prong update, Alaska webcam visibility, importance of self sufficiency.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, June 6, 2016 on YouTube - Is it Safe to Fly? Why are fly-by-wire planes going down, with all electronic system failing? This is EMP, Electro-Magnetic-Pulse, and happens on plate borders where electronic screech in the rock arcs to the magnetic tail of Nibiru. These flights include AF 447, MH 370, GermanWings, and MS 804. Also discussed is progress on a Nibiru announcement, ie Planet 9 in the news.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, May 2, 2016 on YouTube - Model Communities: EcoVillages, Findhorn, Enright, The Farm, Crystal Rivers, Soldiers Grove, Yamaguchi, and the Colony series. Which are a success, and which failed? Update on Planet 9, the slow rolling announcement about Nibiru, and Chemtrails.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, April 5, 2016 on YouTube - Nibiru Visibility: increasingly seen in the skies as a Second Sun, or brilliant Moon Swirl orbs, or a String of Pearls, or a haze of red dust. Don’t panic. You have time to prepare for survival, as detailed in past Zeta Report and USAEBN broadcasts.

Zeta Report on USAEBN, March 7, 2016 on YouTube - Katrina Revisited: dangers in flood waters such as the Red River floods in North Dakota, Katrina in New Orleans, Sandy devastation in New York City and New Jersey, and lingering flood waters in Indonesia. Polluted and infection laden waters, electrocution, lack of electricity, fires that cannot be extinguished when the pumps don’t work, and snakes and crocs as neighbors. Also recent CO warnings on West Coast. 

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, February 1, 2016 on YouTubeNemesis, the Sun’s dark binary twin 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away, per the Zetas, is in the news as a discovered planetary body. But named Planet 9 instead of Nemesis and declared to be 20 Sun-Pluto distances away. The Earth’s dark twin also back in the news, as Earth 2.0. Are we being prepped for the announcement on Nibiru?  What does this have to do with the lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan? Earthquakes and volcanic dust can bring lead into our drinking water, and this will increasingly become a problem. Learn to distill your drinking water, and chelate heavy metals away via diet in Parsley, Celantro, and other vegies.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, January 4, 2016 on YouTube - Vitamins in Nature: Scurvy, Beriberi, Pellagra, and Rickets are caused by deficiencies of vitamins that can be found in nature. When you run out of vitamin pills, and fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy are no longer available in the stores due to shortages, here’s where to find them in nature! Bugs and weeds are sky high in B vitamins. Weeds have vitamin C and eating an animal raw is what keeps the Eskimos going. Be aware of your options.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, December 7, 2015 on YouTube - Houseboats: Be a modern day Noah, theory of buoyancy, plastic bottles and inner tubes, bamboo and lightweight wood, home made plans available at, Rohingyas desperation example, houseboat community examples, mangrove island example, Operation Atlantis example, junk houseboats, Freedom Ship for the wealthy, Waterworld lessons, sinking land history, duckweed and seaweed available, solar/wind/water power, Noah’s boat, Finegan Fine story, earthquake increase, New Madrid pending, EMP increase.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, November 2, 2015 on YouTube - Climate Change Impact: Mexico super storm, permafrost melting, Global Warming refuted, Earth wobble influence, Jet Stream torque, sea lions starving, starfish dissolving, bark beetle migration, crop shortages, drought and deluge, tornado increase, albino increase, deformed frogs, Morgellons, bee colony collapse, Pithovirus, fish and bird deaths, Saiga antelope deaths, Sleepy Hollow, Bighorn Mountain crevasse, hybrids, contact, Florida video promotion, Nibiru visibility.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, October 4, 2015 on YouTube - The Zetas advice going through the 7 Steps exercise to examine the safety of your current location. Nancy walks through these 7 Steps for six different locations. Nairobi, Kenya. Mumbai, India. The Northwest Territories of Canada. Guadalajara, Mexico. Buenos Aires, Argentina. And Moscow, Russia. 

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, September 7, 2015 on YouTube - Survival Tips Overview: Naked and Afraid level - civilization has been lost - starting fires, clean drinking water, desalination, eating bugs and worms, fish hooks, eating predators, rats and squirrels, weeds for vitamins, mushroom safety, seaweed vs algae, duckweed, kudzu qualities, temp tents, tiny houses, bamboo, bermed homes, hand tools, houseboat floatation devices, Growing Power, city gardens, hydroponics.

 Zeta Report on USAEBN, August 3, 2015 on YouTube - Pending disasters in N America. Signs that the New Madrid will start ripping. Caribbean Plate tipping, Methane at the four-corners, quake swarms in Connecticut and Oklahoma, deep crevasses in Mexico, Bayou Corne sinkhole, and Jade Helm 15 with Walmart 5 ready for disaster. 

The Micro Effect, July 8, 2015 on YouTube - Update on Nibiru: tracking Nibiru inbound in 2001-2003, visible now in webcams, wobble evidence where Sun and Moon are found, NASA denials, earthquake coverup, chemtrail fogging the view, EMP problems for planes and trains, underground shelters in US, elite escape to Mars, Russia and China laying plans for their population, mammoth extinction, crustal shift evidence, Jade Helm 15, New Madrid adjustment pending, Walmart closures.

USA Emergency Broadcast Network, July 6, 2015 on YouTube - Evidence of Nibiru: Sitchin translations of ancient Summerian texts, Winged Globe as symbol and 2009 appearance on SOHO, Internet scams and Google Sky example, star charts, 1983 Washington Post article, magnetic disruptions and lack of sunspots, crazy weather, daily Earth wobble evidence, Manhattanhenge, viewing Nibiru with filters, Venus looming, Noah's warnings, earthquake safety.

USA Emergency Broadcast Network, June 1, 2015 on YouTube - 3,600 Year Signature: San Andreas movie, predicting quakes, Thera explosion in Mediterranean relationship to Jewish Exodus, extinction of Mammoth on Wrangle Island, Greenland ice heavy, crustal shift implied, Velikovsky books, sea level drop or rise, Ice Ages, Madagascar extinction caves, reading geology.

USA Emergency Broadcast Network, May 4, 2015 on YouTube - Earth plates move according to the scripted drama written in history. India vs Himalayas started during Pangea breakup. Nepal quake reaction in Japan and the Philippines. Atlantic is pulling apart, land off Europe and East Coast drooping as evidence below waves shows. Caribean sinking too, roads under the waves, as S America rolls west pushing Caribbean down. Land bridge to Australia sinking too, due to push under India plate. Widening Atlantic allows Africa to roll too, sinking Mediterranean and Red Sea and causing African Rift Valley. N America as flat top plate cannot roll so diagonal pull causes New Madrid and Seaway rips. 

 USA Emergency Broadcast Network, April 6, 2015 on YouTube - survival mindset: sharing vs hoarding, Great Depression era hobo camps an example, communes of the 60’s, pot luck suppers or communal soup pot, clothing racks, everyone contributes volunteering best, disability is an attitude look at dogs with missing legs, action plan essential to thwart depression, tasks for everyone, natural leaders will emerge and women and children see solutions readily, if PTSD hits home-made straight jacket helps, community essential to block gang activity.

USA Emergency Broadcast Network, March 2, 2015 on YouTube - off-grid energy options: direct current, reversed alternators in cars and electric tools, wind and water always available, windmill types, lawn mower windmills, windmills from car parts, steam engines, bike gen and crank appliances, wood gas and methane, solar panels, carbon arc lamps when the light bulbs are gone.

Exopolitics on Revolution Radio, February 28, 2015 on YouTube - with Starr DiGiacomo, the ZetaTalk message, Alberto's photos, telepathic message mechanics, 2003 prediction miss shock, Starr's blue men interaction, Nancy's hybrid kids, 7 of 10 presentation by bug-eye'd alien, Ceres space port, methane eruptions, contactee numbers, resentful groups, Star Children, media wars, Pole Shift ning recommended.

Exopolitics on Revolution Radio, August 2, 2014 on YouTube  - how ZetaTalk began, early contact, different life forms, genetic engineering of man, 7 of 10 vision, methane gas, tidal waves expected, raising goats and chickens, nukes, China and Russia plans, the ZetaTalk website, Starr's outreach, and the New Madrid adjustment.

MUFON Interview, December 7, 2013 on YouTube - on a number of different issues. ISON, Putin's alien pal, pending Announcement history and likely date, what NASA is likely to say, Obama's partners in Xi and Putin, China's ghost cities, 7 of 10 overlap with 8 of 10, Scotia Plate buoys, Safe Locations, eating worms.