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Surviving the Pole Shift

Bare bones survival advice from the Zetas and their Emissary Nancy Lieder. Lectures developed over five years of live monthly broadcasts on the USAEBN Network. Beyond being in a Safe Location during the Last Weeks and hour of the Pole Shift itself is the issue of life afterwards - how to avoid starving and vitamin deficiency diseases, how to gen electricity from wind and water mills, and how to view junk piles as an opportunity! Hand-picked by Nancy from the lecture material currently on YouTube, this DVD is a must for those without funds or resources to prepare for the coming times. Digital Downloads available or order from the ZetaTalk Team.

As has become apparent, the truth is increasingly banned on the media and in social media outlets. Politics will get a Twitter or FaceBook account checked and banned in a heartbeat.  YouTube and PayPal have shown a heavy hand too. And where Nibiru is not yet a dirty word, the elite and the establishment do not want riots or panic. The Zetas long ago advised Nancy to keep her outreach on platforms that could not be sabotaged by these motives, thus the ZetaTalk websites and Pole Shift ning are independent. Having your own personal DVD of this primo survival advice ensures you will not lose access. 

Beyond the information wars ongoing, there is the issue of downtime going into and after the Pole Shift. The Zetas have advised that all satellites will be torn from the skies during the Passage, and the infrastructure on Earth so devastated by the earthquakes and hail and debris that establishing a new satellite network will not be quick, if ever. The grid on Earth's surface will be down, all gas and oil reserves likely exploded and burned. But those with off-grid energy solutions will be able to play this DVD just when the advice is most needed.

We, the Service-to-Other Zetas of the ZetaTalk message, likewise give permission to Juan Martinez to reproduce and distribute any quotes from ourselves that are included in this select group of videos. We guided Nancy in the selection process to focus on the best practices for self-sufficiency. The Internet will come under EMP assault during the few years remaining until the Pole Shift, so personal DVD copies is a practical approach.