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The Zetas talk about how Human Elites are on a power trip and Plan to Survive the coming pole shift, the Elite Exodus an example; how the plans for a Carry-On Government are to be implemented and the Bush Plan and Plan Tests; whether Ultra-Right Unease over their Ultimate Lot will result in a Bunker Government; how the wealthy elite's Slipping Grip with No Place to Run and the Agonizing Wait and fear of Market Freefall brings What They Fear close. The Zeta talk about who is doing Contrails, what the ultimate Contrail Plan is, and why Renewed Activity; whether Microwave Towers will be used for crowd control, if Blockades will be used and why the Blockade Test and Shelter-in-Place tests and Guest Worker Program and Continuity of Goverment test and North American Union failed, and which way the Bureaucrats or Dissenters might run; whether Martial Law or Martial Law Attempts or Strongarm Tactics or Travel Restrictions or Executive Orders or a Bush Power Grab due to SARS or Ricin Plot or a UN Role or a UAE Port Deal will be implemented, and what UN Immunity and Terror Alerts and Terrorism plans and Operation TopOff and Cyber Security and Tagging Citizens and the Rayburn Shootout or B52 Stolen Nukes or Military Assassinations or Cheney Ablaze mean. The Zetas talk about why the Big Lie which has Credibility Issues and Cover-up Cracks and Crack Examples and Cover-up Erosion so a Point of No Return and Cover-up Consternation has arrived and a Weak Explanation insufficient; how Two Scenarios are possible so a Pied Piper sought, Spin Control due to Public Perceptions and Why FEMA Failed necessary, Who Knows and Muzzling the Media a concern as Unraveling and Sharing Secrets occurs; why the approach of Planet X is an Impossible Message but Public Awareness is increasing so there is a Navy Dilemma, with Ships Out to Sea and the ISS Evacuation plans obvious, so the government struggles with a Balancing Act and Spin Control and Face to Face meetings like the G8 Summit or there is a Stunned Silence; why those in the know are Muzzled as Dead Astronomers attest and how Deliberate Leaks or the Curious Contractors are handled; and what a NASA Gambit reveals.

The Zetas talk about what was behind the Attack on America and London Bombing and UK Car Bombs and whether Bush Knew, if Insiders were involved and why Nancy is not On Point re 911, and how Echelon relates; what Terror Tactics to expect and who is behind the Anthrax and Smallpox attacks, how Sudden Innoculations and a Vaccine Failure and Pandemic Threats and Nudging the Pandemic and the Terri Schiavo case relate, and why Micro-Biologists were assassinated and how the Fitzgerald Indictments and Corporate Thugs will be handled; the games Bin Laden and FEMA play and whether the Bin Laden Audio or Saddam's Hanging is real; who was behind the Bali Bombing and Iraq Civil War and Moscow Theater hostages taking and 10 Plane Plot; why the Iraq Obsession; whether the Bush Mandate will result in a Backlash or a Walk-In or a Decapitation Process; how Countering Fraud resulted in a Democratic Congress and the end of the Gonzales Saga and Bush on the Bottle; what is behind the Cheney Blasts and Grounding Airplanes and if there are Nazis in the White House. The Zetas talk about how an Iraq Invasion will Stumble and is a House of Cards, especially on Inspections and Anti-War Protests and Depression, despite Congressional Approval and Firm Determination, and will ultimately Not Succeed as the Falcon Depot shows; how the Berg Beheading was a rouse; whether an Israel War or Iran/Iraq War or N Korea War will ensue and why the The India Caper and Iran Boondoggle and Hezbollah Attacks; whether a Warning or Nuclear Shutdown will occur prior to the shift; why NATO intervened swiftly in Kosovo and why the SOHO is telling stories. The Zetas talk about NASA's Escape Plan and Mars Press and why the current Mars Exploration and Contour Probe and Russian Soyuz Rocket and shuttle Columbia and Discovery and Debris and Pioneer 10 and Genesis have mishaps; why NASA increasingly has Hubble Trouble; whether the Nuke-It Plan will work as they are Driving Blind and require Tight Control, if switching to Russia, Da might work, and why Deep Impact was target practice and the Result unexpected.

The Zetas talk about why the 2000 Gore Popular Vote was ignored and Popularity Polls wrong and the outcome if Gore Had Prevailed with New Leadership, and the deeper meaning of An Inconvenient Truth and the Rove Squeeze and Rove's Resignation; why a Social Security Scam will emerge; and how this will lead to Bush Increasing Irrelevance and the Face of Fear and an MJ12 Demise, an MJ12 Suicide to prevent Misuse; what the birth of the New MJ12 brings, and whether there will be an Aftertime MJ12. The Zetas talk about why Only the US has agreements with aliens but there is a Russian MJ12 and a US/Russian agreement; that Elected Officials are kept in the dark but some World Leaders and Certain Countries are aware of a pole shift and Planet X Passage possibility, as the China Visit showed. The Zetas talk about the 2004 Diebold Win and Kerry's Concession and why a Cabinet Exodus and Bush Busting and a Candle Flickering resulted; why an October Surprise did not occur in 2004 but a Norad Military Shuffle did and why an October Surprise occurred in 2006, and why Hillary = Bush Lite and McCain's Chances are slight and McCain's VP is a disaster and how Old Habits hamper the military; and why Bush requires Empathy by Proxy and is like the Wizard of Oz requiring Pedophilia Power. The Zetas talk about whether we are complacent about Living in a Democracy; whether the assassination of King was a Civil Rights issue or Wellstone or Ken Lay or Financier Suicides an accident and who assassinated Rabin and Bhutto; whether the Oklahoma City Bombing or the DC Sniper were covert operations; how the CIA went on an LSD Trip; why Nuclear Pollution is considered the lesser evil; what caused Communism to emerge; what the Ulterior Motives of governments are; and the dual function the Washington Monument performs.

The Zetas talk about the Roswell incident and whether Corso's Roswell is accurate; whether an EBE lived through it all to chat with the government; how the government reacted with a Cover-Up; how they are withholding proof of the Alien Presence; how operation Right to Know might change all that; what an Openness Policy might mean; whether there was a Military Deal with the aliens and what is causing the spate of Military Accidents; whether alien technology was Reverse Engineered and the American Computer Co. profited; what occurred at the Crash at Kecksburg; and whether the military holds Crashed Ships. The Zetas talk about how Roswell resulted in the formation of MJ12; how the military subsequently meet with the Omnipotent Krlll and the battle for Good or Evil began; how the Zetas entered into an Agreement with MJ12 after impressing them with Power Outages so that the Government Song sung to us might be truthful; why the government was presented with the Yellow Book; what the MJ12 Agenda and MJ12 Projects are, and if Zeta/MJ12 Goals exist; and how ZetaTalk might be considered an MJ12 Mouthpiece. The Zetas talk about what's going on at Pine Gap, Area 51, and at Dulce, New Mexico; whether Lazar's Sport Craft is there; whether the MJ12 Documents are real or project Blue Book was sincere; the many MJ12 Groups; how induction into MJ12 Service occurs; whether there are MJ12 Perks for groups like the Aviary; and whether MJ12 maintains a Red Book cataloging alien information.

The Zetas talk about what the Apollo Logo signifies and why Apollo 13 aborted; how NASA cooperates and why there are Silenced Astronauts and NASA Wars; and whether the Moon Landing was faked. The Zetas talk about how MJ12 gets International Cooperation and whether there is a Global Conspiracy; whether the Bilderberg Group or Trilateral Commission exist; what role the Council of Foreign Relations has; the real purpose of the Illuminati; and what role the Masons play. The Zetas talk about the real purpose of the Star Wars and Russian Star Wars projects; whether the US has Moon Installations; whether there is anything sinister about Disappearing Satellites or danger from flyby Near Earth Objects; and why ships seem to hang around Nuclear Sites. The Zetas talk about whether the lust for alien technology drove the Secret Government into the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, and Alternative 3; whether something suspicious is occurring during Immunization so that Innoculations or Medical Implants should be avoided; the true aims of Project Prometheus; whether Tesla was onto something; whether there are Underground Installations or aliens digging a network of Underground Tunnels and how the HAARP project relates; and whether Admiral Byrd visited Antartica.

The Zetas talk about what role MJ12 had in the assassination of President Kennedy, his son John, Jr., Marilyn Monroe, and Admiral Forestall, and Harrington; what Silencing Methods MJ12 employs and how they get Cooperation; whether MJ12 is Snooping on Contactees or has conducted School Surveillance; how MJ12 acts as Customs for extraterrestrial traffic; whether the government conducted Mind Control or Remote Viewing experiments; why Gelatin Rain fell on some small towns; and what Black Helicopters are trying to accomplish. The Zetas talk about whether the Roswell Autopsy Tapes are for real; how the goverment uses Pseudo-Fiction such as the X-Files to gradually awaken the populace; how former disinformation agents have become Information Agents and why there seem to be Overt Agents; why The Falcon went incognito; whether the sources talking to Bill Cooper and John Lear are telling the truth; why Phil Schneider was assassinated; why Bob Lazar went public; why there are often Mixed Messages from government sources; why Half Truths are so damaging; how SETI relates to denial and why the EQ Pegasi Signal was a hoax; the real reason for all the Bad Press aliens get; and whether the recent discovery of Lifebearing Planets elsewhere is truly news.

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