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ZetaTalk: Disappearing Satellites
Note: written on Mar 15, 1996

Man assumes the heavens surrounding his home to be a placid place - empty space, a void, a vacuum. On occasion, perhaps, a meteor happens by, burning up in the Earth's atmosphere - a shooting star. The concept man holds is for matter to be settled onto a planet's surface, except for the asteroid belt where there is no planet for matter to settle upon. This concept is terribly wrong, as space is anything but a void, and trash of all sizes floats everywhere. Some trash moves into the Earth's vicinity, some trash orbits the Earth, and in some cases the Earth passes through trash on her orbit around the Sun. Man, in his exploration of space, has added to that trash, littering space the way he litters his highways. Satellites are a calculated gamble, in that those who send them aloft calculate the odds and figure their satellite won't run into contact with anything large enough to damage, much less break it up. They've been wrong a number of times, and have no-one but themselves to blame, as these fatal accidents are on the increase because man's littering is on the increase. Natural trash tends to be small, like dust, with anything larger migrating downward over time and burning up in the atmosphere. Man's litter will eventually descend also, over the eons, but in the short term float overhead like missiles of death for delicate satellites.

Note: addition below made during the Jan 16, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have predicted that satellites will malfunction in the year before the shift. Satellites have already been misbehaving, by early 2002, but the public is not informed anymore as they were in 1999 or thereabouts. More satellites are put up, a backup system in place, and the functions overlap at all times. Since the military and a few telecom companies are doing this, the public is kept in the dark. Few know the number of satellites and their function and ownership. The military and intel groups have all manner of satellites up that the public is clueless about. This is depicted in movies, at times, such as Enemy of the State, which is of course treated as fiction when it is closer to the truth than not! Satellites cannot be seen, but the common man, who only hears of them because they are in the news. They are reported to transmit phone messages, bounce TV signals, and do this for the public. The military, not only in the US but other countries, use them to spy and can maneuver them to scan closely, or change trajectory, so they pass over various parts of the globe under their path.

Thus, this issue is not when malfunctioning will start, but when the backup systems will begin to fail. Outages will occur increasingly, as 2002 progresses. During 2003, there will be outages that last for days, and will most likely be blamed on the sun. Land lines will be put into use, commandeered for the military so that people find them busy as is the case on New Years Eve or after disasters when many people want to phone each other. Thus, the most noticeable effect will be a lack of TV reception, and busy phone lines. But this, as with slowing, may not be extreme until 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation], when as we have stated matters will be so distracting for most of the populace that this will be scarcely noticed. These distractions will include starvation rampant in many countries, rising seas, politicians unavailable to explain matters, bank failures, unemployment and personal bankruptcy, homelessness and migration of desperate people, etc. No satellites will be up after the shift, which is why we suggest short wave. Land lines will be torn, and the broken link will be in effect.

Note: addition below made during the May 18, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Lately, in early 2002, there has been noticeable satellite trouble. As we mentioned over a year ago, problems with the SOHO and other satellites were due not to the Sun, but to the approaching Planet X. Then the problem seemed to go away, but this was, as we mentioned some months ago, due to the US government and others lofting additional satellites to cover such outages. They did not report this, and the public is in general unaware of just how many satellites are aloft. For instance, by using China and other launch sites, remote and inaccessible to the news reporters, the public becomes unaware of how many satellites the intelligence community has aloft. So what is then causing the new outages? Is this interference from the Sun, as reported?

We have predicted that satellite problems will be so common by mid-2002 that phone conversations will on occasion drop, and e-mail be delayed to the point of being returned to sender on occasion. Regardless of how many satellites are lofted, all will on occasion sputter, and this will be noticeable by mid-2002. This is caused by the same disturbances in the equilibrium of the solar system that is causing magnetic diffusion in your Earth's core, and heating and swirling of the core. Mankind does not understand or comprehend the multitude of sub-atomic particles that exist, and flow in patterns and have balance in the solar system. Disrupted equilibrium means so much more than merely gravity and magnetism. Thus, the story line will be the Sun, having a Mega-Cycle, as was floated out some years ago by NASA lackeys. How did they know this would be, per their story, a Mega-Cycle? No data is proffered to the public, and the current satellite problems will be proffered instead as proof. But go back to when the story was first floated. How did they know, supposedly, then that this would be a Mega-Cycle. This is how the public can determine that this is, indeed, a cover for the approaching Planet X.

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