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ZetaTalk: Space/Time Curves
Note: written on Feb 15, 1997.

Regarding the amusing human notion that space/time curves. This theory gained credence recently as humans have been able to track cosmological events more closely with the Hubble, and noted that the perimeter of an explosion curved slightly as the event progressed. Do you imagine that light rays are immune to gravitational influences? They are formed of particles, just as what you call matter is, and as such as subject to the same influences. We have stated that the Auroras, which are visible light shows and not at all related to magnetic fields, are caused by the bending of light subjected to the Earth's gravity. This would be visible elsewhere around the globe, but except in the dim light near the poles does not stand out. Why would particles move in a curve?

Humans should keep in mind that what they see of the Universe reflects

What humans on Earth do not see is

Your human scientists are aware of this, identifying places in space where no light seems to escape as black holes. Nevertheless, as curving space/time seemed like such an interesting possibility among those hoping to always prolong their stay at the trough the taxpayers are obliged to fill, NASA talked it up. They know better but don't want the paychecks to stop.

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