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ZetaTalk: Shift Threshold
Note: written on Dec 15, 2000. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

If the 12th Planet causes a pole shift in the Earth as it passes, being the larger body between the two, how is it that the 12th Planet itself does not experience a pole shift as it passes the Sun, which is a larger body than the 12th Planet. Magnetic fields clash with one another when a certain closeness creates a particle press. When there is room for a particle flow, magnetic fields can exist side-by-side with the only effect being an increased speed of flow where the fields brush one another. Side-by-side fields find their particle flows moving in the same direction - South to North in the interior of the mass and then arching around from North to South on the periphery. The North to South flow on side-to-side fields is thus moving in the same direction. End-to-end fields likewise do not have a conflict, but link up to have a longer flow through the interior of both masses, and a longer flow back down along the periphery.

What happens during a passage is that the flows clash, and the density of particles pushes the magnetic bodies about. Think of the North pole as a water hose, a force of water coming from it capable of pushing solid objects aside. When this force cannot go up and through the center of another magnetic object in front of it, it must have someplace to go. Two magnets placed side-by-side on a table will co-exist if placed far enough away from each other. Two or more magnets placed end-to-end will snap together forming a larger magnet, North pole to South. Two magnets prevented from snapping together when one passes the other, coming from the south, will have a particle flow force coming from the North pole of the passing object - a South to North flow. This particle flow meets the peripheral or returning particle flow of the stationary object - a North to South flow. The clash pushes against the weaker flow, which in the case of the Earth and the 12th Planet is the Earth's particle flow. In essence, the Earth is pushed so that it's magnetic flow during the passage lines up with the 12th Planet's flow, as this relieves the particle pressure.

Now, does the 12th Planet not experience such a clash with the Sun as it passes between the Earth and the Sun? It does not, because it has placed itself away from the Sun due to the Repulsion Force - an adjustment caused by the flow of gravity particles. This is the stronger flow, and one that has a larger reach, so the trajectory of the 12th Planet as it zooms through the solar system is guided by gravity matters, primarily. The 12th Planet and the Sun have a parallel field, a side-by-side situation, during the passage. The hapless Earth, being too small a voice in this matter, does not dominate any placement or trajectory. It is treated, during the passage, like litter along the highway to be blown about by passing traffic.

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