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sci.astro Debunkers

sci.astro seemed devoted to ridiculing ZetaTalk, and astonishing number of postings with this focus so that fully half the Usenet content was discussing ZetaTalk in some manner.

Question About Zetatalk, Aug 9, 2002
Re: Planet X: a NEW Zetan Emissary?, Aug 15, 2002

sci.astro has been the site of a continuous ZetaTalk presence since Early 2001, when sightings at the Zeta Coordinates began. At mid-year 2002, ZetaTalk was refusing to release new coordinates for Planet X as it was clear that debunkers were postured to Mislead Amateurs when the planet would only be visible in the light poluted hours head of dawn, stating that a disinformation campaign was planned. The disinformation campaign apprently proceeded anyway.