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Sylvia Browne

on Art Bell, Dec 19, 2002
On Thursday night, Art Bell interviewed Sylvia Browne, the well-known psychic and author.
From a listener, as reported on IRC channel. "To everyone's surprise, after for many years denying such a possibility, this week celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne announced on the Art Bell show that she now sees a worldwide natural cataclysm in the future, and the disappearance of mankind within 75 years."
From someone who confirmed via email with the Sylvia Browne web site. Response: "Sylvia feels that "the end" of mankind will be in 75 years."
on Coast to Coast, May 1, 2003
From a listener "I listened to Sylvia Browne on Coast to Coast Thurs. night and George asked her about PX and she said she saw no harm done to us or earth however it does exist and it will go through but no effect on us. I breathed a sigh of relief because if anyone knows the near future, Sylvia does."
From another listener "The other night Sylvia Browne was on Coast to Coast and she stated that when she was 16 her spirit guide told her that in about 50 years a planet would be comming by planet earth. Sylvia, I believe, is now 67."