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Richard Boylan
Newsletter re Dec 5, 2002

Healing By a Star Visitor And Message For Humanity
by Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Dec 5, 2002

I begin this narration by expressing thanks to Tunkasila (Grandfather Cosmos) and Maka Unce (Earth Grand-Mother) [traditional Native American spirituality understanding of Supreme Source] for the healing described below. Marian is also an experiencer, and has had repeated visits in person and by telepathic communication with the Star Visitor who calls himself Neuman. ... When I asked Neuman to comment on the predicted upheavals for May, 2003, he responded that the upheavals will be social, physical and political. They represent a choice for humanity: the outcomes are humanity's responsibility. He characterized the geophysical component of the May upheavals as "Earth entering her 'menstrual cycle'," i.e., sloughing off of old potentials that no longer are life-supporting, to make way for truly life-supporting resources. Part of the upheavals will involve tectonic plate movements, resulting in earthquakes on a scale that have not existed since humans started doing measurements in this Fourth World cycle. But such epic plate movements have occurred in Earth's past, beyond the historical memory of current humankind.

The current Richter Scale, which only goes up to 10, will be inadequate to describe the magnitude of such plate movements and fissures. These geophysical events will of course include reactivated volcanoes and lava flows. ... Neuman also stated that a large planetoid fragment is on its way in "back towards Earth", (thus suggesting its orbital path brings it close to Earth.) In its travel, it will dislodge from current position several fragments in the Asteroid Belt. Apparently the large planetoid will not strike Earth but come close. However, one of the sizeable asteroids dislodged will travel to Earth and strike in the South Atlantic Ocean between lower Africa and lower South America. While Neuman did not spell out the consequences of this asteroid strike, he did comment that it would serve as a "wake-up call" for humankind.

Neuman also said that the Star Visitors will take care of other rogue asteroids set careening by the pass-by of Planetoid "X", so that those on trajectories towards populated locations onEarth do not arrive. When I asked if humans would notice the Star Visitors at work averting threatening asteroids, he replied that "those who look up to the sky will notice," and will note the helpful influence of the Star Visitors. But not everyone looks up to the sky. He also stated that "the government knows about [the Planetoid], and is not telling the people anything about it." Because of this governmental dereliction of duty to public safety, "the people will eventually stop paying attention to governments," because the governments knew but did nothing to warn the people.

Neuman also foretold that as Earth goes through major upheaval/renewal in May, moving her tectonic plates and rearranging the contours of Earth's surfaces, there will be a reduction in density of everything as we move towards a "fifth density" level. Just as the Earth lightens up and becomes more comfortable after stretching and rearranging herself, so, too, humans will note their bodies and bones becoming more spongy, less dense in this transformation process. The rest of material Earth will also have a less-dense, more porous/spongy quality to its solidity.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.