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The Zetas talk about how there will be Government Collapse due to the Devastation and plans for a Carry-On Government or Martial Law or a Bunker Government will be thwarted; what the future form of Government will be; why in the US a New MJ12 emerged and an Aftertime MJ12 will exist; that Live ZetaTalk will likely continue and even the Internet will be functional; and why ZetaTalk on Coast to Coast radio will be explosive. The Zetas talk about how worldwide there will be Devastated Cities with even the Machine Age halted; that stocks and paper money will be Worthless Money, and how what are considered Precious Possessions will by necessity change and the Barter system will rule. The Zetas talk about how offers of Safe Havens and Individual Preparations and Personal Decisions and Rescue Expectations prevail going into the shift; how there will be Survivors despite the Death Rate; whether Magnetic Pulse during the shift will affect humans; how to deal with Preexisting Health problems and Unhealthy Environs; the composition of Survival Groups and if Group Policy can force cooperation, and why Small Groups are best. The Zetas talk about how some humans are operating in Service to Others already, Guided in this, a Mainstay for Others; how mankind will change for the better After the Cataclysms and there will be Great Opportunities; how the orientations differ in dealing with the pending Pole Shift and the Aftertime; whether an Orientation Test can be given and how Actions are a guide; when Sharing Supplies is advised; how Anxieties will be reflected in Aftertime Religions and if and how the game Survivor and being Self Sufficient are related. The Zetas talk about who will end up in High Tech communities, their determining Characteristics, and the Sorting Out process; how Spontaneous Groups will form and Survivor Allegiance tested, and where the Elite Enclaves will be found; why many will be Led by Children after the shift and find What the Heart Seeks and why contactee Coordination increasingly occurs; how communities will have help in Aftertime Raids from Prison Gangs; how many will even share Hybrid Homes and the Cataclysm Link to the hybrid program, and what the Time Frame is; why isolated Hybrid Colonies will develop and how Intermarriage with humans the hybrids consider their Team Mates will eventually occur; and how aliens will Walk Openly among us in the Aftertime.

The Zetas talk about how Quake Swarms and Pre-Shift Quakes and Meteor Showers and Imploding Cities and Exploding Factories will occur during the Months Before the shift and especially during the week Rotation Stops; how Dark Side Clues that the shift is eminent and the Scripted Drama about to begin; the Hour After the shift and how Rotation Returns within a day; how there will be a New Geography and a Sharper Axis and Climate Changes resulting in a New Climate and fewer Deserts and how Some Countries will fare; how the Prevailing Winds will re-establish themselves and being Downwind from ash avoided; how a Return to Normalcy may take several decades and why Exploding Toads relates; how there will be inundations due to Melting Ice Caps with Rising Seas; how long the rise in Sea Level and Atmosphere Loss will last; how a Nuclear Winter will not occur but volcanic Gloom and Drizzle will descent; how there will be renewal of Natural Resources and a Rebirth as the Seeds of Rebirth are in the wilderness refuges. The Zetas talk how Human Health will be impacted and many will be in Shock and there will be Rotting Bodies and Starvation; how to address Social Services and deal with those who Beg to Die; how Starvation will be rampant and how to achieve the Best Nutrition; how the Seasons Shift and how to Forcast Seasons for your locale; when to Restart Gardens and that Crop Adjustments will be necessary; how Flocks and Herds will fare during the shift; how life will be on the rebound with oxygen from the Ocean Life and Inland Lakes will often prosper. The Zeta talk about why Generating Electricity or Storing Fuel will be difficult and hopes for New Sources futile, but for some a Perpetual Power Pack will appear; how hopes for a return of Civilization will be different this time, but Short Wave communication will prevail and Magnetic Pulse damage minimal. The Zetas talk about how not all water will be Safe Water but Pollutants outside of Industrial Areas will have dissipated; that Ruined Worlds can undergo a Cleanup; how the eventual Earth Switch to 4th Density will occur and what will be Left Behind.

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