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The Zetas talk about why there are Many Greys; why the Green Men are green; how there are Reptilians, aliens from Orion, Praying Mantis, Cat People, Nordics, Pleiadeans, and Sirians meeting at the Council of Worlds; if there are Human Lookalikes living among us and if the Burisch tales are true; how there is a wide Variety of Life Forms in the Universe and how Size and Shape are determined; whether The Vedas are correctly describing some of them; whether Skyfish and Rods are life forms; and whether there might be a Galactic Zoo someplace. The Zetas talk about which if any of these alien life forms made Genetic Contributions to the Races Of Man; why the American Indian and Australian Aboriginal are special; what constitutes the larger Family Of Man; and how the Moon Cities relate.

The Zetas talk about the Ultimate Agenda various alien groups hold; how aliens have come from Ancient Cultures; why there are Cultured Aliens; how they and other Aliens Interact; what alien Social Structures are like; whether they have Rituals or enjoy Music; what Sexual Variations there are; why many aliens seem to visit as a Triad; how they and other visitors keep it all straight with a Sky Computer; how Alien Names are determined; whether there has ever been life on Ancient Venus; whether there is a Star Language here on Earth; where the Men In Black come from; whether Elves are extraterrestrial; whether Bigfoot exists and whether they and Dolphins have souls; whether the legend about Vampires and the Mothman are true; and how there is Subterranean Life here on Earth. The Zetas talk about the many Zeta Types and Zeta Knowledge and their Power Source; what Early Zeta was like; what constitutes Zeta Meals; how they have a home on Earth in the Gobi Desert and live On Mars; and where in the Zeta Reticuli star system they come from. The Zetas talk about what Zeta Schools are like; what the Zetas do for Entertainment and whether they have Literature; whether the Zetas Got Religion or assign Zeta Roles by sex or have Zeta Marriages; and whether the Zetas are under Reptilian Control or inclined to be Dictatorial or Unemotional.

The Zetas talk about the many myths surrounding our ancient visitors from the 12th Planet; whether they had Long Life or were at the helm during the Birth of Man; why they were often labeled as Ancient Gods and whether they are interested in Conquest; how these visitors built the Structures On Mars such as Tetrahedral Crystals but destroyed the former Life on Mars; why these visitors built the Great Pyramids with its Secret Chamber and the Sphinx; how the Chinese Pyramids are related; the source of Australian Artifacts; why these visitors often Went Native; how these visitors had an effect on the ancient Mayan and Incan civilizations and the Dogon Tribe; and what kind of a Roller Coaster Ride those on the 12th Planet experience during its periodic passage.

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