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sci.astro Debates!

The Zetas have debated astronomers on the international sci.astro Usenet message boards. Three debate sessions have been documented:
Spring 1997 debating Newton, Astrophysics, Tunguska, and Hale-Bopp
Spring 1998 debating Planet X (aka 12th Planet), Eliptical Orbits, and the Repulsion Force
Spring 2001 debating Planet X Sighting/Coordinates, Pole Shifts, Tunguska, Repulsion Force, Crop Circles
Fall 2001 debating Planet X Disinfo, Brown Dwarfs, Ice Ages, Tunguska, Solar Magnetism, Great Pyramids, Pole Shifts, Slowing Rotation, Spin, ZetaTalk Accuracy, and Observatory Closings/Refusals
Spring 2002 debating Planet X Imaging in January of 2002, Cover-up Friends/Foes, ZetaTalk Accuracy, and Viewing Times
Fall 2002 debating Planet X Sightings, imaging with amateur equipment (see TEAM page for documentation), ZetaTalk accuracy
Spring 2003 debating Planet X Sightings