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The Zetas talk about how the Earth is undergoing a Transformation now and how this was described in the Oahspe; why the Transformation is referred to as the Harvest and how it relates to the Hindu Yugas; how many come to have Foreknowledge of this, and why it is often Understated; how many on Earth have differing spiritual Growth Rates; how Gradual Change is already evident and Mixed Groups will begin to Separate; why this causes Breakaway Consternation or Sudden Philanthropy among the self-serving, who should be Avoided; how recent Expose's of elite practices such as Enron and Worldcom are reducing their Repressive Control and Colonialism, creating an elite Bunker Mentality as Travel Restrictions are impossible; what the elite consider the Lesser Evil and the Clash of Agendas among the elite who struggle with the Broken Link as their Dictatorships fail and Che Lives! and Leadership Styles change; the Likely Outcome of the coverup and When Lies Fail and how the Zetas try to Facilitate Discussion; how Which Way the Earth is not a settled issue, as exemplified by the Chupacabras; whether Massing Troops will win the battle for the Soul of a Continent and how this relates to the recent Brazilian Roswell and Chupacabra Remnants; how the Transformation is sometimes depicted in Science Fiction; why humans increasingly speak with The Dead as in the show Crossing Over and Take Sick as with the Asian Flu Epidemic or Emanation Illness or Morgellons, and why the Death Rate will be high so some humans harbor a Death Wish; what role Bill Gates, The Internet, or the US as a Melting Pot have in all of this; how early 2002 Imaging and doctored Star Charts and Converging Signs result in an Uneasy Public suspicous of a Vapid Media being turned to ZetaTalk and Troubled Times, who have Survived; how sociological 2002 Trends and a 2002 Quickening will occur at the 2003 Approach; how 2003 Debunking Failures and Sighting Shock encourage Debate and Disclosure; and which way Russia, the Catholic Church and Border Conflicts and End Game Postures will move during the Last Year.

The Zetas talk about how Organized Religions and the Wealthy Elite relying on a Paper Promise will react; how the establishment is trying to limit Economic Collapse and a Market Crash with NESARA and by imposing a New World Order and movement toward a World Government; how accidents such as TWA 800 and Swissair 111 are not accidents; how the Year 2000 crisis and the game Survivor and being Self Sufficient are related; who will end up in High Tech communities, and their determining Characteristics and future form of Government; what to anticipate in the Next 3 1/2 Years as the millennium approaches or During 2,000 or During 2001 or During 2002 or During 2003 when offers of Safe Havens and Individual Preparations and Personal Decisions will be made; what the Best Case, Worst Case, and Likely Reality are and what will occur Until the Last Days; why Rescue Expectations and Twisted Logic prevail; why farmers are given Contradictory messages and when the Little Man should shed investments; how the Establishment Reaction has evolved and why a Nervous Establishment is resulting in More Honesty, forcing Belated Admissions, and the Pope’s Appology from the church; how a Lack of Leadership from the Bush Administration results in a search for Other Explanations than the given and is Discomfiting, as it is a type of Proof; whether Changing Captains in the US will occur and how Sudden Death in the Clinton campaign will be arranged, the military more concerned with the Common Good and Greater Need during catalycsms, Not Politics, Bush becoming The Scapegoat; whether the US will have a Walk-In President before the shift; what Explanations will be given by countries Around the Globe or under Repressive Regimes will do when the Reddish Cross is visible with an Alerted Populace, if France Riots portent worldwide riots, and how Conflict Zones will react; and why ZetaTalk can become a Banned Message, is certainly a Targeted Message with organized Campaigns, and is closely Monitored.

The Zetas talk about how contactees are sometimes given Future Visions to motivate them; what impact Pole Shift Precursors and Rapid Change are having and whether Societal Disruption will occur; why there are 2 Camps regarding the coming pole shift; how Contact Groups have a transformative effect on the group; how contactees often make Life Changes but are just as often Unsure; why many contactees have Timed Release infomation about their Roles and may become Change Agents; why many will be Led by Children after the shift; how contactees discover they are in charge of their own Destiny and can Make a Difference; why contactee Coordination increasingly occurs; what kind of Transformation Activities are occurring; how there are Incarnated Helpers or others In Attendance from other worlds; how people like Einstein and Buckminster Fuller tried to effect change; why Soul Mates increasingly seek to meet each other; why Sociopathic Gangs seem increasingly violent but New Age Trends are also on the increase and Thug Control possible; and why for individuals the Transformation is not necessarily a Clean Slate. The Zetas talk about how Nancy was prepared for her Communications role and Why Nancy is the Zetan emissary; what ZetaTalk Reactions are and why many Attack the Messenger, and how there are many ZetaTalk Enemies and IRC Attacks, especially due to 2003 Accuracy; the Source of ZetaTalk, why Nancy can Stumble, and why a Direct Line to the Zetas is not always possible, but Live ZetaTalk will likely continue after the shift for some, a Sudden Silence for most.

The Zetas talk about how mankind will change for the better After the Cataclysms; how there will be renewal of Natural Resources and Great Opportunities; why the Green Movement is important for our future, though Ruined Worlds can undergo a Cleanup; how what are considered Precious Possessions and the concept of Social Services will by necessity change and the Barter system will rule; why Hoarding is not advised but Growing Food is; how Food Riots might develop; how mankind will feel adrift and these changes will be reflected in Aftertime Religions; how Service-to-Others communities will have help in Aftertime Raids from the Service-to-Self oriented and Prison Gangs and will even share Hybrid Homes; that technological marvels like a Perpetual Power Pack will appear; that many humans are becoming incarnated with spirits from Other Worlds; and that not all of this will be a shock as in spite of Culture Differences there has been a Cultural Exchange going on for some time. The Zetas talk about whether the Meaning of Life will always be a mystery; whether the story of the Transformation has been buried in Misinterpreted Messages; so that many don't know Who to Believe; why many resist due to their Belief Systems; whether it is myth or truth that a Judgment Day is coming or whether this will involve a Second Coming or an Ascension, what the Zetas refer to as The Lift; why there won't be Future Pole Shifts; and whether the Transformation is on a time table with Scheduled Events or a special Blue Star is approaching.

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