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National Guard Preparing for Y2K
Salem, Massachusetts

One oversight in computer programs is expected to produce a lot of disruptions as soon as the year changes to 2000. That includes civil disturbances as well as computer, power, and water failures. The Oregon National Guard is putting together plans to respond. Major Dan McCabe says planning has only gotten as far as having people available in the first few days of next year... but McCabe says there are no plans to use troops. Neighboring Washington is planning to have two-thousand troops on duty on New Year's Eve, this year, and next New Year's Day.

Guard May Be Called Out
Madison, Wisconsin

Some state legislators want to call in the National Guard next New Year's Eve to deal with fallout from the Y-two-K crisis. The Year 2000 Committee of the Wisconsin Assembly has voted to mobilize the Guard ... despite objections from State Senator Bob Jauch (JOK). He says calling out the Guard would be an overreaction that could lead to public panic. But supporters say it would be prudent to prepare now for any computer problems that may come up when the year 2000 arrives. The bill would have to pass the entire Assembly, pass the state Senate, and then be signed by Governor Tommy Thomson before the National Guard is called.

Governor's Guard Authority Recalled
Bismarck, ND

A measure giving the governor more authority in calling up the National Guard has hit a snag. The state House of Representatives approved the measure late last week. But the House recalled the bill yesterday, sending it back to committee. Lawmakers now say the measure is too broad and could lead to abuses.