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Subj: Confirmations and not
Date: 5/13/99 6:43:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Max Andrews)

I can confirm some items that you have been highlighting but have no first hand 
knowledge or experience in others. 
* I can not confirm the number of "Civilian Resettlement Camps," but I can 
confirm the existence of such camps. There is one open for public view at the 
Jefferson County Fair Grounds in Jefferson, Wisconsin (along with 60 or so 
Ukrainian male nationals who now live in that small town). Also at Fort A.P. 
Hill in Virginia a large CRC is being completed. I have also passed by the two 
large CRC's located in Central Georgia near the famous Andersonvill Prison 
Camp from the Civil War.

* I can confirm that Fort Riley, KS has all but been taken over by the Russians, 
and Camp McCoy in Wisconsin has also been largely turned over to international 

* I can confirm that Fort Gillim in Atlanta, GA has been turned over to FEMA.

* I can confirm the existence of large numbers of German soldiers in the United 
States. As early as the summer of '96 I was being given reports of German 
soldiers arriving at Dullus International Air Port. In September of '96 a close 
friend of mine who worked for a large airline at Dullus confirmed that late night 
every Sunday, a special flight from Germany would arrive. Soldiers in BDUs 
would disembark, go through the terminal and then be bused to a large unmarked 
building about a half mile from the concourse. Over the next few days these 
soldiers would depart the building, now wearing civilian clothes, board buses 
and leave the area. I personally confirmed this in October of '96. Several of us 
badgered the DoD about this, but the Public Affairs Office, to which we were 
referred denied the existence of German military personnel in America. Finally a 
female Lieutenant Colonel from the Pentagon's PAO went to investigate. After 
that she refused to return our calls and we were effectively stone-walled. 
However, since that time the Germans are now arriving in civilian clothing, and 
the building, which takes up a city block is clearly marked with two large FRG 
flags and signs that read "German Military Representative." There are even 
airport marker signs that now point to the GMR building. When these reports 
were confirmed it was estimated that each week enough troops were arriving to 
fill a re-inforced company to a battalion. I have no knowledge of any of these 
troops departing (as if on rotation) but that doesn't mean they don't return to Germany from another airport. Judging by the number of 
buses now in use by the GMR I think it is safe to assume that the operation is still 
underway and that the numbers of arriving German troops have not been reduced, 
but perhaps have even increased. Since October of '96, the GMR building has 
added 360 degree camera surveillance and additional barb wire and constratina 
wire around the compound.

* I can confirm that a concrete manufacturing plant outside of Winchester, 
Virginia is making pre-fabricated prison cells designed to be placed 
underground, and are shipping dozens of these each week to areas throughout the nation.

* I can confirm that FEMA and its subordinate state agencies (Dep. Of 
Emergency Services) are preparing officials for a "terrorist attack" using 
weapons of mass destruction. I can also pass on my opinion that when such 
attacks do come, they will completely overwhelm all local and state resources.

* I can confirm that large numbers of professional military personnel are 
resigning or taking early retirement, and doing so now.

* I have reason to believe, through personal observation and investigation, that 
may be more CRC's or temporary holding facilities, being built and manned at the 
National Zoological Park and the U.S. Customs K-9 Training Center in Front 
Royal, Virginia. Also there is increased activity at the regional BATF office, 
Coast Guard Port Facilities Center, and the Eastern United States District, U.S. 
Postal Service Encoding Center - all three facilities are located at the Spring 
Mill Rd. Exit off I-81, 10 miles north of Martinsburg, WV. NOTE: It is the 
Encoding Stations that will determine what each American will be assigned to do 
during martial law. It will also decide where each American will live, etc.

* I can confirm that each entry into Washington, D.C. is now covered with both 
surveillance cameras and RATS (Remote Auto Tracking Systems).

* I can also confirm the apathy of most Americans.