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From SUFOIT Files:

The technology behind Implantation takes two routes scenarios. There are those who wish to use them for medical reasons as in implanting a prospective heart patient with a chip that can monitor their blood pressure/heart rate etc. The other end of the spectrum is the military who would like to - and the evidence indicates has, utilized implants to monitor personnel as well as control them. Then there are the uses of implants by the CIA and the Prison system. Within the Military and private sector, there is a flow of research dollars moving from one account to the other, and there are documents that I have read going back to the 50s where it is stated that control over the individual must be gained.

How does one gain control? Before you sell something you have to convince someone that they cannot live without it and that it will improve their situation. In this case of implants you get them hooked through the things they love - their pets and their children. Implants have been used successfully for several years now on fluffy and is now moving quietly to the livestock industry. Documents state that "growing automation and computerization of the livestock industry has brought a pressing need for data acquisition systems, including automated identification of animals to record statistical information and control feeding and disease prevention programs". A visit to the Patent Office produces a list of patents on Implantable chips.