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UN military transports, ambulances, missile launchers and buses are being unloaded and transported (sample picture below) on US soil in many areas in great numbers. Why? What's up?

Offered by Bill.

Well, we don't need them here, unless it's for peace keeping? Go door to door to take away all the evil guns from those nasty NRA people? Go door to door to confiscate food from those selfish food horders that won't share with those that wouldn't prepare? Maybe the government is getting ready for Y2K? Maybe its just a harmless exercise with some of our good friends around the world to sing in perfect harmony, we should trust the government so we can have peace and security? Where was that said before? Germany in the 30's maybe?

At any time there are 350,000 of them in our country. Where you might ask? In national forests that have restricted air space over them. Don't take my word for it. Find the aviation maps and check it out for yourself. On closed military bases and empty industrial parks of all the factories that moved to Mexico and China (about 9,000 taking some 46 million High Tech jobs from Americans.) The economy is not good, the stock market is going to crash soon. Y2K is a trigger for a crash. Study from history from 1926 through 1934, it is about to repeat, and we are at about 1928. Except there is a new deal in the works, all warm, fuzzy, feel good. NWO.

Offered by Glen.

Missile Launcher