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Subj: United Nations Amassing Troops in Ex-U.S. Nat'l Parks
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 05:39:26 GMT
As reported on Geoff Metcalf's radio show on KSFO AM in the San Francisco area.

Not all, but a large number of United States National Parks have now been deemed as "International Biosphere" areas, through the 1972 U.S. agreement with the United Nations. This is where we as a nation have lost control of the parks to the United Nations entirely. National Parks are not called National Parks anymore, but now show blue U.N. signs signifying "International Biosphere" areas.There are various zones within the parks, and if an area is deemed a 'Wilderness Area', this means that no person can enter into these areas whatsoever. If one tries to enter these areas you will be stopped. However there is now physical proof available and through numerous reports that foreign troops are amassing in these quote 'Wilderness Areas'.

Definite reports are coming in from not only the Tennessee Smokey Mountains and the massive areas of Death Valley, etc. but also most notably the Olympic National Park in the State of Washington where large convoys have been reported entering the parks, and that the equipment is not United States Army equipment. The Tennessee Smokey Mountain reports concern Russian troops. As a note for consideration: Please keep in mind that the United Nations Forces in Bosnia are actually NATO forces. While our U.S. forces are presently engaged in other activities around the world, there appears to be an elevated Non U.S. Military Presence in the newly acquisitioned Parks.

Reportedly a comprehensive list of the Ex-National Parks that have been taken over by the United Nations, and thus re-named as "International Biosphere" areas, can be obtained by doing a search in the World Wide Web area under "biosphere". Sorry I do not have the exact Web address presently. The United States does not control our Ex-National Parks anymore.

47 National Parks