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Date: 98-11-30 21:26:29 EST
From: (Alan DeWalton)
29 November 1998

Dear BC Family,

Here is one of two messages we want you to be aware of. As some of you know, Brussels is the location of a monster computer whose involvement in our future may be a little unpleasant an intrusive in light of the New World Order. Think we aren't being slowly squeezed people? Read on.

Dear Holly,

Read your letter in Final Conflict. I'm a German-Australian. Just after the border between East and West Germany came down, my wife and I traveled extensively through the "eastern" zone (DDR) and we were surprised at how many fruit trees/ bushes (berries mostly) grew along the sides of country roads. Emergency food was obviously not a problem in the old DDR. Two years later and they were all gone - executive order!!

Further, all European farmers including the German farmers have orders from Brussels about how much foodstuff they may grow and what sorts of food. And in the name of the Planned economy, a certain number of fields must be left empty every year (rotation system). On some of these "empty" fields farmers were allowed to grow certain crops for the consumption of animals only (Grass forms usually).

One animal food allowed by the European Union in Brussels was corncobs. Smart thinking German farmers discovered that when they dried out this corn and stored it in their roof that it was the perfect insulation material against the winter cold. The corn could also be mashed like paper-mache and pressed to make biodegradable plates for picnics etc. The plates could then be tossed out and used as mulch on a garden. The farmers were busily putting these ideas into practice when one day officials from Brussels turned up and banned the whole business. Corncobs were no longer allowed to be grown as animal food. The irate and non-plussed farmers asked why? and the answer from the Brusseler bureaucrats was "Its been banned, because in an emergency you could use the corn as food."

The Farmers were left with two questions unanswered:

  1. In what emergency?
  2. Why shouldn't we have food in an emergency?

I watched the documentary on this on Bavarian TV. Strangely no-one in the TV world followed up the 2 questions. Remember these 2 Rules of the New World Order:

  1. With Energy you control nations
  2. With hunger you control people.

Regards, Paul

Sydney Australia

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