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A word on "financing" your solutions. First, let me say if I did not feel any responsibility to my family which includes children and grand children who may be part of building a new world, I would move to Florida and go out in the first wave. Death is not something that concerns me since the only true fact from the day we are born is that we will all someday die. So, given what we believe to be true about the near future, my first priority is to family as it has always been. Providing for their needs and defense is not an option. It is mandatory. Any other social responsibilities come second.

Now back to financing, do you have a mortgage on a home? Do you plan to be making payments 3 years from now? Could the mortgage be refinanced to cash out any equity large enough to continue making payments for say 2 years and provide some surplus funds? Could a new mortgage be negotiated with low monthly payments and a big balloon payment 20 years down the road? Do you have a credit card? Will the bank increase the credit limit? Could you max out this new credit limit and provide enough cash to continue to make minimum monthly payments for say 2 years and provide a little extra? Could you qualify for more cards and do the same? Do you have a retirement plan or 401K? Can you borrow against this plan? Do you have a new car or anything else of value that you could get by with something less for say a couple of years? Do you have any time in 24 hours of a day 7 days a week to take on a another job? Are you so much in debt that maybe you could consider filing bankruptcy (and before that option gets eliminated)?

Do you get the idea here? If not, move you and your family to the coast.

Offered by Gary.