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Leaders, if any, that emerge after an event like the pole shift will likely be like most current leaders - only out to profit themselves either with power or commodities.

Offered by Woodie.

What would you have anyone do when people come to them because they don't know where else to go or what else to do. I sincerely believe this, that the leaders of the future aren’t going to be about ruling people or even telling people what they should or shouldn't do. Leaders will facilitate learning and self sufficiency and have the awesome responsibility to teach people that they can do things for themselves. People that will be "led" are not going to be ruled over because they always have the option to ignore advice or move if they don't like the way they are living.

Offered by John.

The new leaders will be facilitators, not kings, absolutely. As far as the huge numbers Ron talks about, I can see communities of 1,000 or so and am preparing for such in the area where I live. Canned goods and stocking up won't cut it though. It will be the information we have collected and pole shift ingenuity. After all, crisis is the great creator of solutions.

Offered by John.

There is no way you can educate leaders. I have seen a number of people in management positions totally lacking leadership values, mistaking the power to make decisions or shareholder value with leadership. Leadership is something you have or not, and that will show itself when being challenged. Good leaders will know how to distinguish Service-to-Others from Service-to-Self, and will also know when to cut short the kind of endless bickering discussions.

Offered by Jan.