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icon Moses or Noah

I have finally come to realize that there is no way I (or anyone else among us, I believe) can take on the difficult task of helping a group of thousands of people through the pole shift. Today, people in Africa die from starvation, children in Thailand die from AIDs acquired through forced prostitution, other children in Asia work 12-hour days in mines, or held as prisoners in local factories etc. Most of us can live with that, for the simple reason that there is nothing we can do. This does not mean that we are Service-to-Self, merely that we understand the limitations of our possibilities. In large cities, we have the starvation and the home-less in the streets. Do we take them into our homes? When planning for pole shift and post pole shift survival, should I try to act like Moses, saving my people, or like Noah, saving one pair of each species? Or should I merely try to prepare as best I can for as large a group as I can sustain? So far in life, I have found that I can only do my best.

I believe I can do two things:

  1. Pull as large a group as possible through. It is impossible to forewarn "ordinary" people, they will think you are a complete crackpot. That does not mean they are morons or self centered, but just not yet aware of what will happen. I have had to inform my family, and they think I'm really far out. However, I will do my preparations, and some months before the pole shift, I plan to invite a number of younger family members (nephews, nieces) and friends of the children. I will store as much food and other supplies as I can, prepare for hydroponics etc.
  2. Help organize life post pole shift. I don't know if this will be one year later or twenty years later. Probably something in between. Nor do I know which challenges I will find myself presented with, and to what degree my preparations will actually work out. I only know I will try to do my best, handling whatever situations arise, post pole shift.

Offered by Jan.