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If nothing is done then large groups will die. It may well be that the problems are so multiplied by a large group that there simply aren't solutions. I have no clue as to how to feed 30,000, or even 300 during the time between the pole shift and the harvesting of the first hydroponics crop. That doesn't mean, however, that there is no answer. Perhaps an idea from one will fuel another idea. That's how most of the existing solution sets were generated. What still remains is the Zeta estimate that 10% of the world population will survive not only the pole shift, but also the long aftermath. One person out of every 10 is still a lot of people. Given the pole shift conditions and the aftermath conditions and length of time, it seems to me that these survivors would be rather concentrated by happenstance in the most favorable geographic places. Thus, we find large groups that survive. How?

Offered by Ron.

The Mongols in the China highlands will not be worse off, climate wise, and will still run their herds around and live in skin and stick huts. They may be less padded with fat, and have to eat some vegetation instead of dairy and animal meat, but I'll bet a lot of them survive! What would do them in? Not quakes. Not an influx of gangs, as they are too remote. Canadian wilderness folks, in log cabins and living lean and on what they can hunt. They'll find their winters gone, in the main, and have already been adjusted to gleaning what they can from the land. Fishermen along coasts, who put boats together from what is left and fish. The waters may encroach, so the shoreline moves, but they do what they do and live relatively well!

I don't think we're talking about cities, where the sheer crush of folks will doom any plan. The folks that survive in the cities are those that leave, the strong and young or clever or foresightful. They pack up and get the hell out! Go to some place where they can starve but eventually eat what they have planted, etc. Where a plan has a chance.

Offered by Nancy.