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icon Attract Gangs

I've been working through the numbers myself and getting really concerned that it would be difficult to avoid any groups that would be working in Service-to-Self mode.

Offered by John.

Logic dictates that a very large group of people - intelligently organized and prepared for the coming difficulties - would possess far greater strengths and resources than a small band of people or an individual family. While a large group could be targeted for plundering by marauding bands, a very large group would also present the prospect of substantial and stiff opposition to such an attack. Criminals by nature always go for the easy target: the weak and defenseless. A very large survival community - by virtue of its sheer size - is going to tend to intimidate such attackers, assuming that the bandits are far smaller in number than the group to be attacked. Now, whether that group is willing and prepared to use deadly force to defend itself is an important factor to consider in the equation. If that group is prepared to defend itself with weapons, then large numbers certainly do make a difference in the chances for survival, both from a division of labor/resources assets and from a security standpoint.

Offered by Ed