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The vast majority of the Troubled Times readership feels an almost total impotence regarding their personal resources to provide everything necessary to survive the pole shift and 20+ years of the aftermath. Although we provide an "on foot solution set", even I, with a vast amount of personal experience and training find it most difficult to imagine the possibility or even desire to survive by myself in the aftermath of the pole shift. Those who have determined to act, to the extent of relocating from their present un-safe location, feel a desperation regarding how to locate, assimilate into or establish a survivable community. So many of the essential elements to long term survival which are now put forth are beyond the means and resources of the vast majority of our readership. How many realistically expect to generate enough energy to provide enough light to a hydroponics garden, which will provide enough food for their expected group?

There's not likely to be a single individual within the Troubled Times membership who isn't, from time-to-time, haunted by the possibility that our entire premise is but a mass delusion; and who have decided to just wait and see what actually happens in 2003, and then deal with it as best one can at virtually the last minute. A viable strategy that includes both the ability to survive and to continue life within a normal community is the strongest incentive to learn these survival strategies, while at the same time living life as we know it. Should our worst fears actually become imminent, such an individual would be thus prepared to provide the information and leadership which would save thousands of lives.

Offered by Ron.