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As a temporary pole shift survival courtiers, which means you won't plan on living in it for a long time, construct a small dome with weighted bottom (could be close to a spherical shape) that is buried with say 10-20% of it's overall height above ground. Lower part weighted with additional concrete as a ballast to hold it upright in case of liquefaction of the soil. Weight to volume adjusted so that in case of liquefaction it floats with no more than 25% of it's height exposed to the atmosphere. Any higher and the wind may role and blow it out of the ground. Might look something like a floating diver’s sphere. Port hole on top for access and viewing the pole shift. Any diameter can be made so as to accommodate from one person on up. The smaller the size the less percentage of height you want sticking up into the wind.

Example: Dig a round hole about 10 ft wide and 6-8 ft deep. Bottom rounded or make it pointed like a funnel. Pore concrete in the bottom 2-3 feet thick as a ballast. Finish the upper part as one would build a monolithic dome. Install car seats with additional seat belts and crash helmets. Provide head supports that the helmet can be strapped to. In a pinch could transfer the seats from your cars during the last days. Leave the access port hole big enough for this. Install a small window in the port hole door. Not sure what would be best to use at this time. Current thoughts are fire resistant clear plastic, or burglar proof glass. This may help the spirits of the inhabitants to be able to see what's going on to a degree. If made small it is unlikely to break. The escape hatch should open to the inside and should be smaller than the port hole door. The escape hatch can be centered on the port hole door.

In this pole shift survival dome you will need as a minimum, digging tools, food and water for say a week to a month. The rest of the supplies can be buried with your building materials.

Offered by Mike.