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Once the pole shift is over you live mostly in a tent while you dig up your building materials. The pole shift survival dome is built to be cramped but safe with few frills. After the pole shift build rapidly a Steel building with a dirt floor. These things go up rapidly and have a low cost/sq. ft. Use this metal building and the empty underground storage places for food growing. You would have stored underground in separate quarters the building materials, wind mills, and/or water generators. As supplies get used up - use the empty boxes to build another structure. If you wish to have a concrete floor in one of these then pour it ahead of time. The thrust before pole shift is get somewhere with lots of supplies. During the pole shift stay partially underground in this small survival dome. The tasks after the pole shift are to build, and grow food.

Offered by Mike.

I would strongly suggest multiple 10-15 gallon containers. They are easier to haul around than larger ones, before and after the pole shift. Also MRE's are getting more and more in short supply. I recommend storing MRE's, water, etc. in each container and burying in different locations so that theft or loss of any one container will not adversely impact your total supplies. Also by starting now and filling/burying containers say once a month or every other month will lesson the financial burden by spreading out the cost over a long period of time.

Offered by Steve.