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icon Social Security Number

Unless one is working for cash, off the books, and stuffs the money into the mattress, that Social Security Number gets used here in the US. But if you "take your vacation" the week before the rotation stops, and leave the area, they've lost you, I believe.

Offered by Nancy.

If you plan on moving around after the pole Shift, this may be OK. If you plan on building a survival center in advance, be careful. Certain data is migrated to cyberspace within days or weeks, other data is kept for years. Beware your spending pattern, distribute your purchases etc.

As I said, I do not believe I will have any such problems in my part of the world. Still, my survival center will be owned by another entity, not me. It is a cottage in a winter sports area, period. I may build more cottages "for commercial purposes" or for visitors. The municipality itself as well as a local farmer have already started experimenting with windmills for environmental purposes; so will my company. I do not need any permission to drill for my own water. If I buy a container and bury it in the moraine ground for storage purposes, I will not have to get a building permit etc.

To go underground needs to be planned well in advance. If you "take on vacation" one week before the pole shift, make certain that you have not already advertised where you will be headed.

Offered by Jan.