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The whole focus of Troubled Times is survival, and my goal is how to form a local community for survival. Not my personal survival, but the survival of a core group that may extend its services to an increasing number of people in the group. If I remember right, Nancy said last year that she foresaw herself in a local community of about 300 people after the pole shift. I don't think it will be possible to create the necessary survival site or infrastructure for such a group unless the group is created and cooperating in the community setup a long time before the pole shift. For a single person or family, maybe the ambition should be to create a survival site for 10-20, and then act as a development center helping others help themselves.

My mission will be to create that survival center, i.e. build shelters, drill for water, stock food, build a small windmill power plant etc. There are already a number of people in this world helping others to die like the Red Cross etc. I really admire their efforts. However, if we believe in anything beyond pure coincidence, we may be here on Troubled Times for a reason. To me, that reason is survival, not helping people to die or directing traffic! And survival is for humankind in the Aftertime, not my personal survival. (And by the way, most people will probably not want to survive once they understand the challenges we will be up to after the pole shift.)

It may sound selfish, but the core of that community will have to be me and my family. Not because we are the only ones worth surviving, but because we will have prepared for survival and for helping others. One of the toughest assignments may be how to select who should be allowed into the post pole shift community and "helped", and who should not. I would hope I will not have to get into such selections. If I have to, it will probably be considered cynical and hard by many. However, the long-term survival of a core group will have to take precedence over a fair distribution of all resources to all pole shift survivors. want a complete survival preparation solution set for that survival center and the post-PS local community. Some may also be able to create a pre pole shift local community, cooperating in the construction of shelters, drilling for deep water, installing fish tanks or whatever.

Offered by Jan.