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What a wonderful idea!

I find that the first knee-jerk reaction to this type of thinking is to try to put into place what we have today, as far as rescue and compensation programs, during the pole shift. This will just not be possible. Insurance companies or the governments cannot compensate folks for loss of property. Governments will not be able to feed the entire populace. India cannot be emptied and taken to east Australia to be fed, for instance. Even if the population were moved, they would then quickly starve. The premise that Mike has put out is that there will be no denial, and no establishment protectionism such as "I've got mine, who cares if you don't have yours". Of course, this will not be the case. But given that premise, I think that whomever is trying to help the populace best will stress:

And finally, the best thing, in my opinion, is to stress what can be salvaged. Music and watching the sun set and the joy that comes from helping each other, and love, will still be there! Not much different from prior centuries, when times were routinely rough.