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icon Independence Day

On the 4th of July, Americans typical celebrates what is called independence day. What this meant to many of the Americans at the time was freedom from organized suppression and oppression of being controlled. Unfortunately this is no longer the case in America. Many true Americans have not felt like celebrating this day for some time now. In light of the up an coming pole shift - I propose we give Independence day (4th of July) a new meaning for all those in Troubled Times, independent of nationality. There are five years left before the pole shift. On this day each year I propose we do a mental mockups of all of the personnel on the planet working together to solve the pole shift survival. Free our thinking of suppression and denial of those around us.

Mock up mental image pictures on this day that the whole planet suddenly woke up to the coming pole shift, and they are turning to us for advice. On this day the governments and other organizations openly acknowledge it will happen and are willing to do whatever is best. Everyone is working in a Service-to-Other fashion for the best solutions for all. What would we say or recommend. Have we already said it all? On this day each year submit ideas and solution mockups as if everyone on the planet knew of the coming events and that we were all working together to make things go right after the pole shift. How would you organize it all? You have this tremendous resource of personnel listening to your ideas. What do you say? What do you say first? How do we organize optimum survival for all?

Until now many of us have been working the solutions from the bottom up. From primitive survival of one person up to the family, then to the group then to possibly 300+ and we stop there having a tough time seeing more than this being able to work together. This may be the practicality of the reality we currently face. This could change. What I am requesting is that on this one day each year, we do a let’s pretend we as a planet are all working together. Stretch your solutions. Recommend from the top down. What would be the ideal way to survive this given the resources of the planet? What would we recommend to be the vital manufacturing that gets moved to where? What would we say about food, shelter, energy to the world? What is our master plan to save and provide for the majority?

This is a mental stretching exercise that will build an ideal result and push the limits of cooperation in each of us. I feel this process will ultimately make all of our solutions stronger. I realize that some have and are already thinking at this level. On this day (4th of July) each year we all need to do this. Post your ideas no matter how far out, for this is a tough subject. The government couldn't confront this issue because of fear of loosing control. We have no such hidden agenda. We can solve it (outline it) and post it for all.

Offered by Mike.